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  1. Thanks Brigadier for your fast responce So if MBNA purchased the account from The Bank of Scotland then turned the credit card into a MBNA credit card would they not have to provide a new CCA between MBNA and myself?? Thanks MISSION
  2. Hi all, First time poster I have a couple of issues I would like help with please Can a creditor purchase a credit card account from another creditor and then turn that credit card into one of there own.? E.g. say I had a credit card with The Bank of Scotland and then this account was sold to MBNA, could MBNA then turn the credit card into a MBNA credit card? if so what would have to be done for this to happen.? My other issue is that I have a creditor that has stated that they have destroyed my loan agreement. I understand that a creditor has to keep agreements for a number of years which I believe is stated within the Limitations Act but I am having problems finding the info. Would appreciate some help Many Thanks MISSION
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