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  1. Hi All, In the Small Claims Questionnaire "Other information" that Cleggs have sent me says "We request the court give the standard directions for hearing with a time estimate of 3 hours" What exactly does that mean? On my form that I send to the court and Cleggs, can I write in there that I have requested clarification of why they think the outstanding balance is £1500 when a statement sent my WF says £414? I've also asked them for a breakdown of why they think the charges are acceptable, which is yet to be supplied. Can I add this in that "other information" part? What about the fact that I offered them the opportunity to avoid the court action? Or will all this come later? Thanks xx
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]48177[/ATTACH] Statement from loan start date..... Letters - most was done over the phone in the beginning. Only recently have letters been sent, but I have all of them still Need to fill in the questionnaire that goes with counterclaim. Hopefully there is a point on there that I can explain to the court that their counter claim is wrong.
  3. Thanks Brig. Explains it a lot I shall contact the Original Creditor and see if they can report it as one entry x
  4. I have finally convinced these guys that I am who I say I am and have access to my file. This has been a long uphill struggle as I have moved house a lot since I held a lot of my credit accounts. Anyway, I have a couple of questions. 1) Barclaycard and Lowells are reporting the same debt twice, is this allowed? They appear to be different debts as they are slightly different dates but the amounts all tie in with the amounts that Lowell and Barclaycard confirmed were owing at the time when it was transferred to Lowells. I have reclaimed my charges on this account and both are marked as satisfied however it looks like I have defaulted twice, when I haven't. 2) Quickquid (I know!) have entered 7 entries on my file despite me only having one loan from them, and extending it by one month. Again is this allowed? Surely they can't just fabricate these things? Thanks.
  5. Hi Dx, Tomorrow I can as they are in the office. Will remember this time!! No, although not a brilliant excuse I had was only 20 at the time and had no idea what to do. I didn't know I could contest it or any of the charges added, I just filled in my I&E form and sent it off, the court ordered me to pay £35 per week (i was being paid weekly at that stage). Thanks x
  6. I am unsure what you need to know? I had a loan in 2007, which was defaulted (date unknown off the top of my head). They took out a CCJ February 2009, for £5930 against me and I paid weekly amounts of £35. To date I have paid £4700 towards a £2000 which should have cost me just over £3000. The amount outstanding, as per the statement WF sent me is £414. Do you need to know anything else? Thanks Dx. Appreciate your help and apologies if I have missed anything important.
  7. First time yes. The second time no, they admitted it was an admin error at the time however they are now denying it. The second one was an attachment of earnings, which was never gained (is that the correct terminology?) I rang up and asked why they had done it and they removed it straight away. I have added the CCJ claim as as far as I can see they wouldn't have needed it if they hadn't added the charges on. Am I correct?! Or have I totally wrecked my chances? All of this has caused me a lot of stress over recent years, especially their debt collection tactics and general depth of debt that I just want the debt gone now, and some form of correction on my file as I've paid £4700 to them yet they still tell their solicitors to counter claim for circa £1570 :-/ Thanks Dx for your help.
  8. So the solicitors have gone quiet since I asked about the difference in figures owing, despite a chasing email sent yesterday? What do I do now? They have filed the defence, do I just wait for a date? Not sure what to do on this one! Any help appreciated
  9. Hi All, I have been have been a bit pants recently. I have sent of the court claim with the spread sheet and have received a counter claim for the full balance. Problem is that the counter claim is for the amount owing before the PPI refund. This has been applied to my account and their counter claim is for £1157 yet the amount owing is £414.60. I have an email address for the solictors (Cleggs) and have pointed this out to them. I have also attached, as per Dx request months ago, my spreadsheet for you. Sorry I didn't see the post Thanks.
  10. If your landlord forfeits the lease (which changing of the locks could be seen as, although they would need to have given you warning) they forfeit the right to any outstanding monies owed. The landlord becomes responsible for rates etc as of the day they changed the locks, but doesn't take possession of the items inside the buildings that aren't If there isn't a written agreement however you will technically responsible for the building up until lease end date. If the LL changed the locks but didn't give you warning of impending action then surely you have a case against them for quiet enjoyment or similar? As you were unable to gain access to the premises that you have the lease on? Read the terms of your lease and what rights the Landlord has re.access during the lease. This will all be covered in it somehow, it's just a case of reading it and interpreting it I'm afraid!!
  11. Another thing.....sorry guys! I have noticed on the SAR that they were asked to remove my work number off their records, it says they have done and yet two days later they have called it again. Surely this isn't on as they'd been told I was available on that number yet still insisted on calling it... .is there any precedence, statute etc that I can quote about this? x
  12. Had the response. They've offered to credit my account with about £240. These are the only charges which are unjustifiable apparently. Can I reject this offer and take them to court? Do I need to formally reject it i.e. send them a letter saying I am not prepared to accept it and that they have 14 days to respond otherwise I am starting small claims proceedings? Or do I just hit them with the court claim? They seem to have missed the point on which they've already credited my account with the PPI premium and keep advising me to speak to FSCS. Thank you for all your help so far xx
  13. Have just broken the golden rule and called them. Spoke to a lovely boy called Ed who said they responded on 19th August and asked if I'd received it, errrr would I be making this phone call if I had?! He did laugh slightly at that. Anyway, he is resending the response, which he said was in my favour. Let's see what measly sum they have offered me :-/ xx
  14. Nope, no response on the charges reclaim. That was what the email about not having the correct address was about, I think. I've told them if there is no offer of compensation by Friday, court papers were being submitted. They've had plenty of time now. From the email, and what you've said, I assume that it isn't FSCS dealing with that part? When they sent me the SAR they included two statements - one with the PPI premium included on the original sum lent (£1500 still owing) and another without the PPI premium on (leaving £414 owing). That means that really the PPI claim is irrelevant as they've already refunded it to me, and the FSCS are wasting their time slightly. Their admin ineptness not mine so they can continue to do so!! I would also read that as them admitting defeat and saying that they will refund (by way of removing the premium from remaining arrears) the PPI without me making a claim......? Currently the amount being claimed is around £8000, so the fact that the PPI is removed off the current arrears doesn't make much of a dent in the claim
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