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  1. Hi there, myzeejon88 has finally got me to claim charges back from LTSB and asking for it back letter going off registered tomorrow Feb 5th. I'm still not sure but it worked for her £3500, she is sure it will work for me, as she says, it's YOUR MONEY.£887.00 is no good sitting in pockets of LTSB. Will keep you informed Jon
  2. Hi Nas, just read your thread. If you read mine of yesterday, you will see same thing has happened. rang BC last wednesday 24/1, spoke to Mr Whalley, said to bear with them as they are all under tremendous strain. Won with LTSB back in November, but just got my statements right away, with Barclaycard, not too sure how I should be playing this one. will keep watching for any help. Myzeejon888
  3. Hi, recently completed a successful LTSB claim and now going after Barclaycard for me and hubby. Sent off S.A.R's in December, 40 days up on 20th January. On 19th hubby got letter from Barclays saying sorry for delay, lots to do etc. etc. hear from us soon. £10 was sent as a £20 request asking for Barclaycard for the two of us. No mention of what was going on with my data, phoned BC on 22nd Jan and asked where my my info was. Very busy, have thousands of requests, have to employ people to get info. Will get back to me whenever. Well thing is what do I do from now on, is there a course of action I should be taking, should I kick up a fuss, said in letter to hubby that data protection inspector was informed of delay in furnishing us with info. Would be grateful for any help.
  4. Congratulations Gary, still waiting for my round 2 Watch this space
  5. Just being nosey also, I've just came back on-line, computer problems and Xmas,and reading through threads, remembered seeing your name and looked at latest thread, Glad to see that things have begun to sort themselves out. Keep going with claim, it may seem impossible but you will get there in the end. Good luck
  6. Fantastic, just got statement today, they are taking £210 on December 1st, currently waiting for SAR's for Barclaycards for me and hubby, will start that one, then number 2 for Lloyds. won't need to be buying any books over Christmas will we!!!
  7. After successfully winning ftrom LTSB, I am quietly confident at taking on Barclaycard for me and my husband. Sent SARs on Friday so watch this spot
  8. Yes I agree with last two posts, I never contacted them at all, sent one letter to them after they wanted copy of my AQ, and only letter was after they made me offer. Letter was agreeing to money but not conditions, said in letter I would not be silenced, my daughter said "Mum, you can't say that to a bank", I said watch me. I know it seems at the moment, things are not going well, but stick with it, and try to ignore them, they are only hoping you will give up. Try to spend some time reading through these threads, they are really very sad, but all will turn out o.k in the end, I'll keep watching your thread and I bet it won't be too long before you are getting lots of congratulations. Stick with it and good luck.
  10. Hi me again, after receiving settlement of £3259.89 on 22/11 looked at internet banking yesterday to see £980 has been taken again. Husband has business account and I have two accounts in own name and he has a joint with me, apart from his business account, overall control of all accounts lies with Business Manager. so I spoke to her this morning in the hope that she could get entries reversed. She kind of winced because I said that this is just a game, LTSB charge me and I take them back to court, they pay but keep taking charges, so I take them back to court. So site looks like getting another 5% unless things change. Husband and daughter also have their own accounts, so think I will be starting these soon. Will keep you informed as to whether she manages to get reversal or back I go to MCOL. Onwards and upwards as they say
  11. PCN has to state date of issue and date of contravention. I sent mine back to Westminster quoting Moses v Barnet. This was back in June/July. Sorry I can't be of further help. its on here somewhere!
  12. Congratulations, yes it's hard to believe you've finally beaten them, isn't it. WELL DONE
  13. CONGRATULATIONS, knew you'd get there in the end.
  14. Hi, don't laugh if you think it was difficult to win £3,260, how much more difficult is it me to donate £160, is there any way to donate other than paypal. I seem to have most trouble securing right password for long enough to make any sense of what they are talking about, as I have said computer literate I'm not, but I'd hate to think I am beat now just as I'm at the final, final stage of me donating to help others. Many thanks, and once again thanks for everyone's help.
  15. W E L L D O N E A N D C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S
  16. Sorry adult moment replace TONY H with GARY H
  17. I never replied in writing, nor phoned SCM when they asked for copy of my AQ, just sent them the letter Tony H suggested, and then after receiving their offer refused the three conditions, three days later they credited amount to joint account. Sick with it you're nearly there. Read my thread FRUSTRATED V LTSB
  18. c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s w e l l d o n e
  19. Gary thanks again, they sent offer on 15th and we acknowledged receipt of it on 20th saying :we cannot agree to the terms and conditions being confidential. We would disclose the details of our claim and any settlement to anyone we choose. We believe in the right of free speech. We are in the right and we refuse to be silenced. My daughter said .Mum you can't say that to a bank, I said, watch me! Ready now for husband's LTSB and Barclaycard, for which it appears they have been paid early on every statement date for the past 2 years, wait for it, he only has one Barclaycard, this became apparent on an Experian check, so it looks as if his identity has been stolen. Come on banks, can't wait for you. Keep watching for his thread
  20. Can't believe I've got my money back. t, like to say a big thanks to everybody who helped me overcome all the problems
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