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  1. I wouldnt have done , had my local authority not had a faulty payment system and had I been in a position to go in in person. But all I'm really wanting to know is whether these charges are correct and lawful for a first visit?
  2. Hi guys just needing an additional piece of advice from you. I had a visit a month ago from an Equita bailiff re some Council Tax arrears. I paid £120 straight away but was disputing the full amount and had requested in writing a breakdown. It has taken them until this week to get them to me. This was based on ONE visit in which she levied my car... Debt: £241.05 Statutory Visit Fees: £24.50 Levy Fees: £31.00 TOTAL: £296.55 Does that look right to you guys? I want to know if it's lawful be
  3. What do you mean by retribution?? Scared now! I did write to Equita by email asking for a breakdown of their fees but so far no response...
  4. Immediate response from her reads: You are correct that the amount of £11.50 is not to incur any fees and can be settled at that amount. As a court certified bailiff I am fully trained on what we can and cant charge. If you require a breakdown of said charges this must be requested from our head office in wrirting. As advised our action is ongoing until the full balance including our costs, is settled. The matter is now in our hands and as the council have advised you, all payments are to be made to Equita ltd. Well, the Council informed me otherwise..should
  5. I sent her this text; Thank you for confirming that your visit and letter yesterday was the first to my address. As I explained I have had no previous letter to my address from any other bailiff. According to statute, your fee for first visit and levy should be £29.06. I will settle this, along with the amount that I owe to the council of £241.05 as per your paperwork, on Monday. If yu believe that you are entitled to charge me further fees kindly put this in writing, along with the name of the instructing court, so that I can check with them. The council have informed me
  6. Oh, and when I spoke to her, she said if I didnt pay the full amount of fees, she WOULD be coming to get my car...should I keep it in my friends garage?
  7. Thankyou!! How do I check if she is certificated?? Also, I didnt receive a final notice reminder from the Council ...does this make a difference?
  8. Just called the council who have agreed to take payment which is great. But the bailiff insists that I owe £73.50 even though she admits it was her first visit. She said that other bailiffs may have called before. .(I have only had one letter, from her, yesterday). Does the fact that she noted my car reg mean that she can charge more for that first visit?
  9. Thank you SO much dx100uk for taking the time to reply that helps massively, I'll be making that call this morning...
  10. I have an outstanding debt of £214 in unpaid Council Tax which I need to clear by January 1st. Carelessly forgot to reinstate a cancelled direct debit when I got made redundant earlier in the year - have not had any reminders and just overlooked it. I had a letter today from Equita - they have put a Form 7 through the door relating to my car (owned outright and for personal use only as far as insurance is concerned although I am to all intents and purposes now self employed, just not earning anything yet and therefore claiming working tax credit at highest level). I can pay the Coun
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