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  1. No I would not loose my job, but might have to step down as the default showing on my credit report brings the credit worthiness of the company down. In the current financial climate creditors don't need much to say no. So frustrating to be in this position. I would pay triple the amount defaulted to sort it. I will see what the comes in from the info I have requested and take it from there. If anyone on here has any ideas at all I am willing to try anything. Question - do you think if I offered Halifax a payment as in just a bug of cash they would remove the default? Baring in mind the full amount is cleared there is nothing owed currently but even having that showing on my credit report is having a serious effect on me. If i offered them cash to remove it? I have contacted all the CRA re it and they all said I need to contact Halifax direct and ask them - they would then instruct them to remove - basically from what I can see the word has to come direct form HBOS. Ideas welcome....
  2. I have requested a SAR waiting on it to arrive also. Trying to attack from all sides and hope I get some place. I prob will take an age as you say. Yes recently appointed MD so it is a massive issue being on there!
  3. Reasons given - they have called it "findings" I took the card out in July 1998 they have pointed out prior to 2005 the sale of PPI was not registerd by FSA, have said they are members of the ABI. They say I was eligible for the PPI - I was a student working freelance no set hours no set amount per hour They say a policy documentation would have been provided to me at point of sale (I was in the bank when opened the card) they say it would have been explained to me, This was not done.
  4. Thanks - not found my way around this place yet...
  5. I have done the letters for the PPI and have received back from HBOS - basically saying: They conclude I was made aware of the optional nature of the PPI policy (utter rubbish) They say bellow "my review has not highlighted any findings with the sale of PPI that would lead me to believe your decision to purchase the PPI policy would have changed" I am so annoyed at this. I 100% would not have taken this! What do I do noe - do I have to go to FOS? Really feel sick how they rip us off and make us feel bad for getting what we are due.
  6. I Have a letter her dated 6th July 2012 from HBOS (took me months to get this) in this letter they included a copy of the agreement from back when I took out the card, they also included as I requested a copy of my application for card. However they did not include any copy of the default they served on me - I never saw this. The letter dates July 2012. They say " your agreement was ended on 22nd June 2007 and the full balance owing became due. My credit report has the default date down as 06/2007
  7. Can I also ask - is the law different in Scotland than in England for this?
  8. Looking for some help to see if I can get a default removed. I have an old default that will drop off in April 2013 as its then over the 6 years. It was satisfied back in 2007/8. The original default I was not aware of until a year after it had been issued, so was not given the chance to sort it out as it all happened at a time I moved house and it was a credit card that was used by my husband at the time - silly of me to leave it and not cancel - I just forgot it was there. He ran up £800 on it, found out a year later after a default was on my file as a debt company contacted me via finding me on the voters role - as soon as I received this I settled the amount direct with the card issuer. (Halifax) I have written to halifax over the years to request a copy of the original agreement - they fob me off and to date have been unable to send me it, I have asked also for the notice of default to be sent as again I never saw this - I have read in various places I might have a chance of getting it of that little bit sooner if I request documents and if they can't produce they have to remove. I could be getting this wrong and to be honest I don't know if this is true? Halifax pretty much say the debt is so old they dont hold the file - its now under their other company we all know as Blair Oliver and Scott (BOS) they tell me the same, there is no debt it has been settled thats as far as they will help. I know it only 6 month for this to drop off. But I am having serious issues with work due to this being on my file. I do not have any other things on my file that would be bad credit - this is it. If anyone has any ideas on ways I could get this off faster than waiting on it dropping off - I really would appreciate it. Thank you in advance.
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