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  1. Council, Capita and Equita are all connected. In that the Council own Capita and Capita employ Equita to collect their debts, hence...they all earn a lump. Never risk debt with council, they will usually say "it's out of our hands now, you must pay bailiff". This also makes government employment statistics look better, when the council (as in your case) allowed you to pay them direct. You have gotten off lightly, pay the £29 and well done! I had a 4 yr old CT tax debt for £100 go to wrong address. Equita took over and in the space of 3 weeks talking to the brick wall of a council re resolution. Equita (at first visit, after initial letter, I too made the mistake of ringing them) blocked me in my driveway, police were on their side and it cost me £600 on the spot, to keep my car!
  2. I have today filled out a legal template ready to post and/or email to Westcot, only to discover their website does not include an email address and their postal address is just a PO Box, for which I cannot post 'registered post'. Can anyone tell me which companies Westcot 'collect' for? After much googling, I have noticed they seem to act upon a lot of Halifax BS customers. I have been with the Halifax for many years, but do not have any debts with them, in fact I have majority of my life savings with them, in several accounts.
  3. Absolutely, We would both be pleased to hear of suitable options and avenues to take, thank you
  4. Thank you to all (except Bazooka Boo who I feel is quite rude with just Eh?) I'm assuming it is the same debt that has been passed on? I will simply try the 'In writing please' in future. Thank you
  5. BG placed a debt is it called a CCJ? on my Experian credit report. I can't look now as it was removed by BG and I'm no longer subscribed. I have refused to answer security question on phone, but until I do, they will not give me any info as to who, or where they are, or whythey're calling, so i am just assuming here?
  6. Long drawn out...but please take 5 mins to read, might be worth while!!! 012944 75341 this number and also 08009878240 are Westcott a debt collection agency, they have been calling me on a daily basis this past few weeks, t hey ask for personal info before they divulge what they really want to do and that is, I assume, intimidate people for debts. I live in a vicarage and am pretty sure the preceding minister did not have debts! On the other hand.. .I did have a very minor British Gas bill posted to my old address, some 4 years ago, which remained un-noticed, in piles of junk mail, until the new owner began renovating the property. Due to this, BG black-listed me. I only discovered this when I applied for a new credit card, I signed up to Experian to see the report, then immediately called BG, who admitted it was their mistake and waived the debt and immediately cleared my credit report, BUT not before they had sold the debt onto a collection company, who sold it onto another and another and another, until I am fed up of explaining, so changed my phone number... alas they seem to have found me again. I'm disgusted that the government have still not made personal and private data being sold to company's like this illegal yet. I owe nobody a penny. My Experian report is excellent. I am quite elderly, slightly disabled and really do not need this harassment and fear of answering my phone. So I let it ring, day and night, until yet another company has decided they have wasted enough money on calls and sells my details onto yet another company. I don't really want to emigrate until my retirement, but I probably will, after 4 years of not answering my children's calls, unless they text me first to warn me it's them ringing! Another company called EQUITA 0844 561 8807 / 01604 231894 blocked my friends car on drive and threatened to call a car remover if she didn't pay £90 Council tax debt (which was very similar circumstance as my own) when she was in the middle of talks with the council offices, who had also posted final bill to her last address, even though new people had already moved in, they had told council, they moved in 2 weeks after they actually did, my friend had proof of the date she moved out, so naively ignored the demand, hence...EQUITA being sold the debt, she willingly gave them her address, a 6' 5" musclebound black man, called her '**** of the earth, if she paid her debts this wouldn't happen, he deals with white trash like her on a daily basis, who like her, cry and act all innocent and feeble' and videoed her trying to put car in garage, only to be told they would come with cutters to get in, she's actually a life long business woman, living in a beautiful 5 bed home, in a smart rural area, with never a debt in her life, again...elderly and scared. She called the police and they told her to just pay up, to get them off her back, so she agreed...guess what? the final bill with costs of £1 per minute wasted at her drive was £600 and they wouldn't leave her drive until she'd made instant card payment. The police did nothing to help her! She now lives behind forever locked doors and windows, afraid it might happen again! What can we do...?
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