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  1. Many thanksfor reply. that is the place where every day more than 5000 vehicles stopped for one or another reason i.e waiting for some one from tube station bus station and shopping.? It is not a road however it is like spare space almost one lane around the circle.. i dont think that any one is allowed to drive on that area normally. any way, How much PCN would be..? once again thank you very much. REgards, Prakash
  2. As I have stated in my first comment, I have doubt that i will get ticket however, it was CCTV mobile van has not given me any PCN at the moment. The Location is Round about infront of Queensbury station, London. Outerside of round about there are couple of Bus Stops and I was waiting for some one from tube at inner side of round about. My stop was safe and secure.
  3. Hi I was waiting at a location for about 10 to 12 minutes where No loading at any time sign was there. I have a CCTV Camera waticing me by mobile van . Not sure weather He captured or not? I want to know how long we can stay if tehre is no loading at any time ? Will I have PCN for waiting/ stopping even though i was sitting in my van ? What is the difference between No stopping and No loading? Thank you very much, Regards, Prakash
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