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  1. Just checked now, yes! back at ya!
  2. Hi there, Just a polite bump to see if the site team has any info of the law firm? And indeed, if any posters out there have had a similar experience. Cheers, J
  3. Hello, Thanks Antone for moving my post, I wasn't sure where to post to begin with. Martin3030 and Cerberusalert - I have sent the details of the law firm to Martin3030.....I don't think they're the CCI Legal as mentioned....
  4. Hello, I've been reading about this topic offline with a lot of interest and there's been some really sound advice. I was hoping the same people could offer some help in my predicament.... I've worked in Dubai for about 5 years, got a personal loan with a local bank to pay for a development project. The project when belly side up. I refused to pay due to the fact nothing was being built, and even after it would have been built, there would be no infrastructure (water, power, sewage lines) to make it habitable. There was also no way to get my money back despite legal action. The developers
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