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    I have just had exactly this. I admit I should have noticed that the end date of the policy was not what I expected, I did cock up there, but I would NEVER have bought the policy if I'd known that my husbands November renewal date and my January one would merge into November for both and a demand for £700. I simply would not have taken out the policy. I have the notes of the conversation I made and will be making an official complaint, from which I expect nothing because it is now a done deal, both our insurances are due in 3 weeks, we don't have £700 sitting around so one car will have to come off the road. I can't politely, here, say how angry I am.


    And don't bother with the FSO, it took me 18 months to sort the £18,000 Santander screwed me out of, even after they admitted liabliity it took another 7 months and the calculation that the FSO was industry set for woorking out my payment? It wasn't of course and I lost another £1000

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