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  1. We don't deny they were his payments but he pays Arc not anyone else. We don't understand why out of the blue Cabot have come on the scene and their immediate letter of pay up the whole amount or else comes from. We don't deny he owes the money but we are paying each month, with the interest frozen, Arc might want more but it is all he can afford at the moment. Until we hear otherwise I will continue to send his payment to Arc.
  2. Should ask how on the one hand they say they have not heard from him since July 06 when the next says he was paying in Oct 10.
  3. Hi A couple of months ago oh received a letter from Cabot saying he owed over £11k to them and to pay up. (Passed to them from Brittanic). Obviously had no idea who or what or why they were sending the letter to him and stated so in a letter. Their next letter got shirty and to pay up or they would issue court proceedings. Again he asked who they were and where the debt had come from. The next letter stated they would accept £100 per month. The next letter stated that the loan was taken out in 2002 and had defaulted in 2004 and a payment was made in July 2006 but nothing since. So some info but still no idea. Wrote back to say what ever the debt was it was now timed barred. Then the following day he received a letter stating they would accept £100 per month Today he has received a letter which says that it is an Egg loan and saying he paid £100 per month up till Oct 2010 and nothing since so was not time barred and the balance was over £15k and interest had not been added to this amount. Interest was6.9% Now really confused. They have put on a ref number which we have managed to find on old paperwork from when the loan was transferred from Britannic to Arrow Global and the last time the ref number appears is when Arrow wrote to say the debt was being transferred to Arc. He is paying Arc each month for an Egg loan and has been doing so for several years interest frozen. He is up to date with payments and have not received anything from Arc that says the debt has been transferred Absolutely wild at the time we have wasted on letters just to get this info out of them when a little info at the beginning would have been helpful. Another letter to write. Although I do not hold out much hope of them responding or actually getting that this debt as far as we are aware is owned by another dca. Has anyone come across this sort of thing before.
  4. So what you are saying is, it doesn't mean anything if a DCA has agreed to a payment plan they can rescind it at any point. As for statements being sent yearly, he has never received any statements from them ever. he just has the balance Sainsburys told him when it was handed to B.O.S. and he has been deducting what he pays each month from that. What he doesn't understand and is finding most upsetting is he is well over half way through repaying this loan and they have pulled the rug from under his feet. One payment plan is due to finish in 4 months and he then he would have been able to pay more to Blair Oliver and Scott but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Blair could end up with nothing. Without going in to too much detail he has had the talk with his dr over how long he has. I have tried to take the stress out of things for him and things have settled down but he opened the letter from Blair and was visibly shaken. I feel that letter has done serious damage to his health. Even if they took him to court I cannot see what they are trying to achieve as if there is nothing there how can he repay what he doesn't have. It is more than likely that he will be off work through ill health or the worse could happen and I can assure B.O.S. that they will get absolutely zilch. He did have the bailiffs round a few years ago and they left empty handed as he does not own anything of any value. At the moment he is paying what he can afford. the debt would be paid off in the next 3 years and having read around the site there are others whose debts are going to take longer to repay than his and there are those that will never repay at all as they owe thousands and are repaying at £1 per month. He has repaid about 70% of the loan and just cannot understand their thinking on the situation.
  5. He is not trying to get out of paying it is more the fact that there is a difference of about £450 between what he thinks should be paid and what B.O.S have on their records. He really wants to get it sorted before he gets to the final few months. If he has made an error then fine but equally he would like to know what exactly he owes. For all he knows some payments might have been credited to someone else's account. It hadn't crossed his mind to get out of paying He feels really aggrieved that for the past 5 years he has paid every month without fail and is continuing to pay even though things are getting tighter and tighter and he is in the last three years and all of a sudden he is getting nasty letters about taking him to court. Surely even if they took him to court they would have to present statements which is what he is after. Can Blair take someone to court if they have agreed to a payment plan and the person is paying each month as agreed.
  6. My other half took out a loan, no ppi, but charges which he successfully claimed back. Due to being unemployed for a while he defaulted on the loan and came to an arrangement to pay the loan back. After 6 years the loan disappeared from his credit file. He is continuing to pay each month without fail but since the loan disappeared from his credit file Blair O.S. have gotten really shirty. First they sent a letter saying something along the lines that despite asking over and over for the whole balance to be repaid he had not done so and if he did not repay the whole of the balance within a week that people would call round etc. Having looked around the site seemed to be a standard letter. He had not had anyone asking for the whole amount ever. Having looked more closely at the letter and tried to match up with his own records he cannot work out the discrepancy between what he thinks he owes and what Blair say he owes. He has sent off a S.A.R. with the £10 (had to borrow from his mum) in order to get a full picture of what has happened. He told them he didn't recognise the account and until he recieved the statements etc the account would be in dispute. He has no intention of stopping payments to them but would like to know that the balance that he is knocking off his monthly payments from is the same balance from which Blair have. This was followed by a call from Blair which he couldn't answer or reply to because he was out, then a letter saying papers were being put together for court action. Can they do anything if he has never missed a payment, he has continued to pay on time each month and the actual loan has disappeared from his credit file.
  7. My architect was also told I would not get planning permission on anything I put forward. As for nonsensical heresay please note one of the last guys I spoke to is now being investigated by the police and will be charged when a psychiatric report has been done on him. I had several meetings with the senior planning officer who set out what he wanted to see on the site. I relaid this to my architect who drew up plans accordingly. Presented with the plans the senior planning officer denied he had ever said such a thing. In the end my architect thought it was me so insisted on coming to a meeting with the senior planning officer and another planning officer. At the meeting another plan was agreed on. My architect went away made up the plans and submitted them. When he had not heard from them he rang them. Only to be told the senior planning officer denied ever having agreed to the plans in the first place. When my architect recounted the conversation to the planning officer she burst into tears and agreed it was a regular occurence that he would say something then deny all knowledge of it. This is the same senior planning officer who asked me how I could afford to live in such an area when he had a long commute in each day. Yes you do have a "right to light" from windows in your main rooms. I do believe the developers have an agreement in principle. The way the conversation with each of them has gone I believe they have spent a fair amount of time and money on putting the plans together before even approaching me. The assumption that I will sell to them is breathtaking. There are a number of derelict houses around here where having exhausted the planning route the owners have abandoned the houses and would rather let them rot than let some developer take the profit.
  8. Would there be any merit in sending my local Planning Authority a Subject Access Request on my house. I have had several developers wanting to buy my house who have told me that on discussion with the planning authority, I personally as an individual will not get any plans passed, but because they are developers the local authority will pass the plans they have shown them. In the local area only one individual has had any plans passed and that took 6 years of trying. As an example. When my next door neighbours house was put up for sale 3 years ago, I enquired about putting on a possible extension at the rear of it but was told by the local planners that because of the position of my living room window any extension on the neighbouring property would be out of the question as it would block my right to light. The house was eventually sold to a developer who got planning permission to build across my living room window despite my objection. At the current time I have 3 development companies offering to purchase my house. All have come up with the same figure, all have spoken to a planning officer who has approved of the plans they have put forward and all have said the planning authority have told them that I would not get any plans passed I might put forward. I was wondering if under a subject access request I could find out what has gone on. Thanks for any replys
  9. Seems the penalties are for not paying road tolls. When I spoke to the parking ticket company people who are in London they seemed to suggest it was a regular occurence for people to ship in cars from abroad then clone the number plate and so avoid the road tolls. The person I spoke to this morning at the dvla said that when a car is shipped abroad then the name of the last uk owner of the car is kept on the system with a marker saying they were the last owner of the car before it was permanently exported. Which this guy agreed was on there and I had done everything correctly. Pity the guy from the dvla who I spoke to on Friday couldn't have told me that instead of saying it was still registered in OH name and I would have to prove oh didn't own it. Took me a few hours but seem to have got it sorted. (There's a few hours of my life I won't get back). Thanks to all who have helped and crossed fingers I do not hear about this car again.
  10. Given that the police have on their computer that it has been exported means that the DVLA must have recieved the relevant documentation from me. On this documentation was the new owner's name and address. As for the address that the parking ticket company have for us, I doubt very much they got it from the DVLA, as apart from the postcode the rest of the address is completely garbled. The postcode appears in the centre of the address. Just to clarify I received the 3 tickets within the space of 24 hours and have not had chance to contact the parking ticket people as they were only open during office hours and I was unable to call Friday. All the tickets are from September/October of last year.
  11. Last August I sold a car on ebay to a Norwegian. A couple of weeks later a tow truck came and picked the car up. I should mention that the car had been registered SORN and had been left to rot in the front garden, Stuff was growing out of it and the inside was covered in mold. I filled out the export bit on the V5 with the new owners name and address and sent it to the DVLA. I got back a letter saying thanks for notifying them the vehicle had been exported. I filed it in a box and forgot all about it. Over the last couple of days I have received 3 parking tickets saying the vehice had been parked at various locations in I think Norway in October 2007. I called the dvla who said my OH was still the registered keeper and he had not told them that he was not. I said that he had and we had a letter from them saying so. I was told to get in touch with Swansea with a copy of the letter. Only problem is I filed it in one of probably 50 boxes of paperwork that got consigned to the loft and have been moved about. So although I could find the letter it would probably take several days. Because of the way our address was written on the letter I called the police who checked their computer. The police lady who I was explaining the circumstances to thought something had gone awry because according to the police computer it says that the car had been permanently exported from our address in the UK to our address in the UK which obviously doesn't make sense. I still have the name and address in Norway where the vehicle was exported to and all the emails and paypal transaction. What do I do. The DVLA are adamant they have not been informed. Any advice will be gratefully appreciated
  12. No they do not begin with U. Some of these have been on my file since 2002 and try as I might I cannot seem to get rid of them. The companys who are on my file say they cannot trace any record of me or my OH having applied for anything and as they have no record of me they say they cannot ask for the records to be adjusted, yet when Experian write to them another department says the records Experian holds are true. I even have letters from some of them saying they have never heard of me and the Experian letters saying everything they've told Experian is true. Go figure!!
  13. I have several searches on my credit file from banks and credit card companys which I do not recognise. I tackled Experian who said they only publish information they are given and to get onto the Banks or credit card companys. I rang up the banks and credit card companys and none of them have any record of myself or my partner having applied for anything so I asked them to remove the entries. All their replies were the same. Because they had no details of us they could not remove what according to their records wasn't on there in the first place. When I queried these entries again with Experian they wrote to the companies who replied to Experian that the records they held was correct. Please help as I am now recieving spoof emails from these "creditcard companys and banks" asking me to update my account details.
  14. I cannot offer any legal advice but maybe some wisdoms on the Wollwich/Barclays or whatever they like to call themselves nowadays. I have a Woolwich mortgage and reserve account and I ask everyone with 2 separate products with this company to be very careful. The monthly interest for our mortgage and reserve account combined is added onto our mortgage account each month. However the direct debit form that we recieve from time to time from the mortgage department is for about £150 less than the combined monthly interest. (I pay by cheque each month. No way I am filling out a DD, I do not trust them to action it correctly.) This is the reserve account interest. If you call the mortgage department they will tell you they do not know how much the reserve account interest is but the DD payment is correct. You will have to call the reserve account department if you need to know how much the reserve account interest is for. You call the reserve account department and they will tell you as the interest is added onto the mortgage account you will have to call the mortgage department. From what I have gathered over the years there are different departments dealing with different aspects of the mortgage. (On mine there is the mortgage, the reserve, and the arrears department, although I am not in arrears. There is probably a department which deals solely with overdrafts). None of the computers seem to be linked. Interest is added on 3 different days of the month depending which department you are dealing with. Even if you have it in writing or can prove something is or isn't happening there standard reply is "You must be mistaken" or "That cannot happen." It appears to take 3 weeks for a cheque to clear. Once tried to pay into my reserve account using my debit card and was told I couldn't pay money into that account. Each department thinks they know how the system works but unfortunately it is at odd with how every other department thinks it should work. Once spent 5 hours one day on the telephone trying to sort out my up to date mortgage and came off the phone shell shocked, shaking, and having achieved absolutely nothing. I feel for anyone trying to deal with company
  15. I am battling against Egg as we speak on behalf of my partner who has been registered disabled since 1995 and is under the constant supervision of his doctor. I have phoned their claims department and been told that he would not be able to make a claim against the policy but when he tried to claim back the insurance he was told that they did not believe he had been missold the policy as he had ticked the box. This is to a guy who is having tests on Thursday to see how badly his eyesight has deteriated. Anyone had any success in claiming back insurance from Egg, if so whats your secret?
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