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  1. Hi, no I haven't made a complaint. I wasn't sure what to say exactly, because don't know if they have actually done anything wrong (apart from morally lol) by ignoring my emails and not sending payment details for me.
  2. I'm worried that they will continue to charge me interest and late fees on a daily or weekly basis then tell me I owe them a huge sum.......
  3. Hello All, Last month I ran into some unexpected money problems and lost my second income. Unable to meet my full repayments to 1monthloan I emailed them on 26th Feb offering/asking for a repayment plan. This is what I emailed: Dear sir/madam, I am writing to you to inform you that due to sever financial difficulty I am unable to meet this months scheduled payment. I have had a very unexpected change in my personal circumstance and I will be unable to pay the current open loan in one payment. I propose a repayment plan to assist in clearing the outstanding amount in the q
  4. Hi All, First time posting on here, have lurked for sometime though! I have returned from a week off work to find Mackenzie Hall have somehow obtained my work number and have been calling up to 4 times a day. I spoke to them yesterday morning on my return to work and told them to remove this number, to which they agreed and apologised. On returning to work this morning I had 4 voicemails left from them between 5pm and 7pm last night. This morning they called again at 8.30, I was firm and explained they are not to contact me on this number and they lady sai
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