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  1. [ATTACH]39338[/ATTACH] Well I think I have managed to insert copy of document hope someone can read it
  2. I have just received a parking fine from TPS for parking in a tesco car park (only about 15 mins) I was incensed when I got home and read that if you do not pay £50 within 14 days you AGREE to pay a fine of £100 . I went back to the car park the next morning to check the area where I had parked and there was no ‘no parking sign’ and no markings on the road to suggest that it was a no parking area, although the area was next to a disabled bay. I was going to appeal and send the picture off as proof but having looked on line this would appear fruitless. This is stressing me out, should I pay them, just to get them off my back or stick up for my rights and not pay up, do I appeal or just ignore, any help and advice would be appreciated.
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