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  1. Hello i dont really know where im suposed to post im new here but i got a tv off brighthouse made all payments till it was paid off but 3 weeks before it was due to be paid off my daughter cracked the screen i rang brighthouse to book it in for repair they told me they would send out an engineer to have a look at it well noone turned up i got a fone call saying they couldnt make it i asked when it would be booked back in and if it will be before its paid off they said yes well noone came out and when i rang back i was told because my account is closed and tv has been paid off im no longer covered and was told id have to pay a private engineer to fix it well for months id been phoning and asking around these places tryingto get it fixed i was told it is brighthouse own make so they didnt stock the parts so i rang brighthouse back and all i got was abuse from them i had my washer and dryer with them and fell into debt i asked them if i could pay them the week i missed without the service covers as i didnt think i should have paid as one is optional the other renews everytime u make a payment and as i didnt pay the week before i thort well i didnt have to pay the cover they refused to take my payments said i had to pay it all in full late charges and the next weeks i said i cant they then threatened to come take my goods i said well im offering u a payment why cant you take it they just point blanc refused so i said fare enough weeks later i recieved many call knocks on door letter now i have a solicitor ringing me saying if i dont make a payment i will recieve a ccj can anyone give me some advice in what i should do please i have had it with these people i begrudge giving them anything now as they have fooked me over with my tv thank you x
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