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  1. Thank you, Brigadier. It's not that helpful a site either. Still, it's very odd that both have the exact same financial information, but Nodddle gives me a 1 where as Experian gives me an "excellent". I don't like the fact that you have to give them full card details (including the 3 digits on the back) to access the information. It may be a way of identifying you, but frankly I don't feel it's that safe. I used a card that will expire soon so they won't be able to accidently charge me later down the line.
  2. Have you begun to recover the PPI yet? I think you need to do that asap. Also, put Bryan Carter on notice that you are disputing the account over the PPI. I don't think they can take you to Court because you are unable to repay the outstanding amount within 3 months - they have to negotiate what you can pay off and take hardship into consideration. I'm not sure about the rules on the PPI refunding, but I thought all financial institutions concerned had to write to their customers about it. I may have misunderstood this. However, if you have been missold this then CapOne should be put on notice that they will be required to refund this and that this amount could have been used to repay the original debt. Contact CapOne about the PPI - and don't let them fob you off.
  3. I have a score of 1 out of 5 with Noddle although the report is only showing the 3 out of 8 accounts having a DF (these are the accounts I am paying off bit by bit and have kept up to date with my payments). Other accounts are all fine and there are no other entries or marks or searches on that report. With Experian I did a report a couple of months ago and that showed all the same infomation as with Noddle and gave me an Excellent (979) score. Why are they so different?
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