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  1. Answered a call from SD arrears collection this morning. I stated (again) that I had made an offer to pay and had already made a payment and I had also requested all communication to be in writing. She told me that I should have had a letter informing me that my offer was not acceptable and to phone them! Not had that letter so she is sending it out again. She did say that my request for statements is being processed and collated and should be with me soon. As SD have rejected my offer, and ignored my request for communications in writing only AND my request that interest and charges be frozen, what do I do now? I know there is a standard letter but is there anything I can add to show my displeasure at them completely ignoring my request for written communication only? Thanks SoS
  2. Thanks both I have had Very Arrears Collection Dept phone me before 9am this morning, I specifically requested that they kept all communication in writing and did not phone me, seems they are ignoring that request EDIT : they called again just before 12 noon and the woman just kept repeating that they had to speak to me over the phone to sort my account out, so I hung up again. And again at 8pm so I have emailed the person named in the link in post 8 with a copy of the letter sent originally, and also stating my displeasure at Very disregarding my wish for them to deal with me in writing as I requested.
  3. Hi, All 4 cats are acting as though I didn't bother sending the letter stating my inability to meet the payments required due to my circumstances and offering a reduced monthly payment. I am still getting letters and statements, and accruing £12 charges at a fast rate! Should I resend the letters (although they must have received them as they were in the same envelope as the one requesting the Credit Agreements), or do I sit back and wait for them to reply? I also see from reading other threads that some of you communicate via email with Very etc, I'd love it if someone could point me in the right direction so I can find out who I should email, rather than relying on snail mail Thanks SoS
  4. Today I got 4 letters in the post, replies to Credit Agreement Requests saying I checked a box when I applied, agreeing to the terms and conditions; if I want copies of statements they can provide them @£5 a sheet, and if I am in financial difficulty I must phone them to arrange a repayment plan. They enclosed copies of the agreements for all 4 accounts. No reply to the letters offering £5 per account per month, and no direct reply to the letter requesting copies of statements that had a £10 PO attached (although I understand they still have time left before the deadline for that). How do I proceed now pls? Thanks in advance Sack O Spuds Actual wording of part of the letters I confirm that on (date) you made your application for credit through our website using our online form. As part of the process you entered into and accepted the terms and conditions of your agreement by checking the relevant box. As a result of this, you do not have a signed paper agreement. However, I attach a copy of the agreement in place between us for your reference.
  5. I have 3 letters sent off today, each one applies to all 4 accounts! 1 SAR, 1 offering reduced payments (without a budget plan) and 1 requesting a true copy of all credit agreements. Hate having to do this, but at least I will be able to sleep a little easier at night without this huge worry! Will keep the thread updated as to what happens next.....
  6. Thanks for that dx, I shall type that up and get it in the post tomorrow! Should I do the same for the other 3 accounts too? And yes I have had some penalty charges, how do I go about getting the statements as I don't keep anything over 6 months for catalogue accounts. Thanks for your assistance, and sorry for the newbie questions but I am new to this! Regards SoS
  7. Hi, my first post here! I have accounts with Very, Isme, Littlewoods and KandCo. The Very account is the highest overall debt and I have fallen behind over the last 3 months due to changes in circumstances. When I first started using the accounts, I had my budget planned out 12 months in advance, and was easily able to make the payments once the end of the BNPL arrived but due to circumstances way beyond my control I can no longer afford such payments. I have continued to make partial payments, but the latest Very statement calls for an amount which is way more than I can afford and this will be the 3rd month that I have made a smaller than required payment. The Isme, Littlewoods and KandCo are all up to date and I am able to meet the payments on those accounts, and have not made any purchases in the last 3 months on any of them and do not intend to make any further purchases on any of them. My main question is, if I write to Very offering to make reduced payments, will this have an effect on the other 3 accounts? If anyone has any advice on how I should proceed - wording for a letter etc I would be most grateful. Also I opened all the accounts online and don't recall signing anything and sending it back? Thanks in advance
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