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  1. Hi everyone, I've seen this withdrawal of consent letter floating about, does that mean that the Work Programme cannot refer you onto any training courses with outside training people ? For example, I am with Remploy and have been referred on to a training course with another company, which I am not all that happy with. If they had a copy of the withdrawal of consent does that mean you would no longer have to attend that ? Thank you.
  2. Just thought I'd let you guys know. As G4S are the prime provider, and Remploy are sub-contractor. I decided to email the woman from G4S today who is responsible for our area. I wanted to find out what their position on advisors was, as the pack I was given at the start of the Work Programme stated about a personal advisor etc. Told her that on previous jobcentre programmes where you're constantly seeing different advisors, I have found it to be a problem as there is no continuity. She replied and said the following: Thank you for your email. You will have an assigned personal advisor, however, as you point out, there may be times when seeing them won’t be possible. If you feel you would benefit from staying with a particular advisor then you can raise this with Remploy and ask that they factor this in to any caseload change that may happen. Remploy and G4S will always work to ensure that you feel comfortable with the advisor you see and that they are able to support you fully. Based on that it does seem that they do seem to want to help in whatever way they can. Does anyone agree?
  3. I've was advised, look on the website of the provider that I'm with to see what their guidelines are with. I was correct in that G4S is the prime provider - but they have different companies the deliver the programme for them. Now here's what I found on their website: Every Customer will have an individual Personal Advisor who is responsible for supporting them into sustained employment. A Personal Advisor provides continuity of service to Customers, building trust and understanding. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in the G4S delivery model – named Personal Advisors will co-design a bespoke route to employment based on each Customer’s unique circumstances. Every Customer will receive ongoing needs assessment. For the majority of people it is necessary to identify needs in order to effectively meet them. Needs assessment is not a one-off activity, but an ongoing process that develops with the relationship between the Personal Advisor and Customer. Does this suggest, that unless for whatever reason your advisor leaves or is ill, or on holiday that you should be able stay on their caseload?
  4. Thanks. I think part of the problem is that I have a serious problem trusting people. I think it is the result of me being bullied all through high school, and half of college. In my last year of high school, I was beaten up on my way home by three girls - that really affected my confidence pretty badly. School wanted to get the police involved, but I was adamant I didn't want to take it any further. Just been so used to people hurting me and letting me down that I have a hard time trusting people. Once I've got over that first stage with people it's fine - it does take a bit of time though. Probably sounds absolutely stupid, but this is partly why as long as my advisor is there I would find it so much easier if I could continue to work with him. I feel like I've built up that trust with him now, and it feels like he does listen to me and does genuinley want to help as best he can. So far it has been just him I've seen, and if and when anything does change. It will be extremely hard.
  5. That was one thing I was never made aware of. Never knew that they changed your provider. Always thought the provider you were with was the one you stayed with for the full 2 years. I know there's a high staff turnover, obviously when a staff member leaves that can't be helped. But what if your advisor is still there?
  6. Any help or advice that anyone has will be ver appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone. When you're on the Work Programme, should you see the same advisor for the duration of your time on it? Obviously I know if they leave that is something that can't be helped. But as long as they are there, should you see the same person each time? The advisor I'm seeing at the moment is great. Asked yesterday if I would stay on said advisors caseload, and got told that he's not going to sit there and say to anyone that "yes they will see him all the time". Put a bit of a dampener on my mood. I have issues with confidence and being juggled between advisors doesn't help. Maybe I'm just being stupid, but I think that's part of the reason I find the job centre so unhelpful. The fact you never see the same person each week, so you can't build up a proper supportive relationship. You constantly have to go through the same information over and over again with different people. Did get told in my first appointment by my advisor that I have to feel comfortable challenging him with stuff. So this is one thing what I want to try and get across how much seeing a different advisor would hinder my progress rather than benefit me. So far though, I've not got far. It is of course something that may or may not happen. So far, it has been him what I've seen each time I've gone in. But that worry is there in the back of my mind, and the fact now that he said he's not gonna sit there and say "yes you will definitely be staying with me" has just increased my worry further. I suffer with anxiety, and this does not help matters. I remember on the previous New Deal programme. I discussed the issue with the advisor I saw on that. He absolutely bent over backwards to make sure I remained on his caseload. I know I've probably just rambled on here an extreme lot - but I know there are probably quite a few JCP or Work Programme advisors what use this forum, so wanted to see what your advice would be? Plus what has been the case where you work? Do you tend to keep the same caseload? Have there been any times where caseloads have changed, but you have kept certain customers for one reason or another? Thank you.
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