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  1. The promises continue.... I was said by Harvil Shaw that repair to my house will be carried out today and tomorrow. Nothing happened (as usual) and Harvil as well as Les do not pick up my phones. Very Important: I have found out that Harvil runs Renewable rendering solutions ltd trading as Wall Rendering Solutions and Green Associates Ltd t/a Green Wall Rendering. So please be carefull before you choose the company to do some jobs in your house.
  2. I got quotes from window cleaning company and window sill repair company and both wanted money upfront from him.
  3. That is very good idea. Thank you. But what about if he did not paid or changed the name of the company again???
  4. Hi, I think that I owe you an update. At the beginning of 2013 Wall Rendering Solution's team came to resolve one of the problems which is flaking render, filling gaps where missing render was, etc. I was very happy with the workman who did fantastic job. Thank you Les. But, due to a bad luck, again render was washed off and a problem reappeared and again I am left with the same problem. In addition to it I have still problems with a window sill and mess on the windows and PVC which has not been resolved. I contacted Mr Shaw this week and was promised to hav
  5. Connif. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I know that I would not achieve anything by going to court as it is a limited company. What upsets me the most is that British law lets people open , close and again open the company, take money from people, do the job and then offer 25 years of warrenty that means NOTHING. We consumers pay money and feel being ripped off, cheated.... Also the company ( Wall Rendering Solutions) is a member of FMB (Master Builders) and Home Improvement Protection. When I saw these signs on their website I got furious!!! I asked FMB and HIP which criteria did they
  6. Hello, Wall rendering solutions, previously called render exterior wall coatings (in 2011) did the rendering in my house (Nov 2011)which went wrong - render started flaking, missing around pipes and other places. This happened within 2 weeks after finishing job. Also as the wrong window protection was put on the windows, the crew left a sticky glue on the windows and damages marble window sills. All was reported to the director of the company , He promised to correct it. After many promises he never came and resolved the issues. In Feb
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