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  1. That's what I thought... I was trying to appeal to my mum's softer side, being her daughter and all! I just want to make an indent into the balance, rather than just this interest only payment scheme she seems to want!
  2. I also had to pay half of the solicitors fees in order for my mum to have this additional condition of the charge... I am fairly certain she should have incurred all of the legal fees, as she was insistent upon the charge & it's criteria.
  3. That is correct Mike, it is a voluntary charge. My mum was due £22,500 after she moved out; at the time I was only able to raise £15,000 via re-mortgaging and the remainder (plus the £2,500) was placed as a voluntary charge. My mum felt she required a guarantee that she would receive the money. in 2009, she insisted on having the interest of 5% per annum included in the charge. I agreed at the time, but more so in order to keep the peace. I wish I hadn't now... I am now legally bound to pay her £500 per annum; or 5% of the total balance (if it reduces). I do not pay interest to
  4. It is very hard to treat it as a business transaction when it is with your mother, particularly as she makes it all very personal and has actually been very spiteful. I do not wish to go to the route of an IVA, as I have not needed to with the other debts and do not want it held against me. I arranged payment plans with my other creditors, which they are all satisfied with and I have been paying them without issues for the last 5-6yrs. A couple of them have come to end, which has allowed to me to increase payments on the other outstanding debts and to also offer my mum a monthly repayme
  5. Thanks for your reply, but I have tried that. She just becomes incredibly personal and uses anything I may have spent my money on over the last few years as 'ammo'! I haven't spoken to her for over a week now and she has said that if I don't reply to her last email, she will have no choice but to persue other options... i.e. legal action! I am not refusing to pay her the £10,000 that I owe; I just feel the £500 per year interest is excessive, particularly as none of that comes of the balance! By the end of this year, she will have already had £1000 from me without a penny of it c
  6. Hello All, I am new to this site & I hope someone or a few of you on here may be able to assist me. Approximately 12yrs ago, I bought my current home with my mum (ex council property, right to buy). She was unable to obtain a mortgage on her own and I offered to buy the property with her, as I lived with my mum & my younger brother. A couple of years later, my mum moved out to be with her now husband and I 'bought' her out. My mum wanted half of the equity that was available at the time, £7,500. I was not in a position to pay it there and then, so my mum imposed a ch
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