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  1. Hello I recently had the misfortune of having a car accident early one Sunday morning. I was on my way to Leicester on the A46 and joined a round about at a reasonable low speed (traffic lighted) my car spun out from underneath me as the back wheels lost themselves, I managed to keep the car on the road for a couple hundred meters before hitting the curb side on and flipping the car across the grass and down a ditch. I was suspended upside down for 1 hour before emergency services could cut me but but thankfully I could walk away to the ambulance. My insurance on this new car was third party only (no one else was involved in the accident) Witnesses confirmed I was not speeding and as I didn't not travel far from hitting the curb, this also showed I was not speeding either. The police confirmed this and also commented another 2 accidents in the same week on the same spot had happened, plus a phone call last weekend confirmed 3 more accidents on the same spot, same circumstances has arisen and they are reporting on the road conditions (possible adverse camber) I was quite shaken up after the accident and mildly concussed, so I was collected and taken home (ambulance did not take me to hospital) The police arranged for the car to be moved and took my details. I was then presented with a £250 bill for the pick up of my car, plus £25 a day charged for the week inbetween. The garage will not budge on charges, or take my car in scrap value. I did not agree to charges and I was not instructed in this possible cost? Does anyone have any advice for me, I have no money at the moment, due to moving house the day before the accident and I have been advised by others to just post off my log book in payment?
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