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  1. hi thanks for your replies, have I got this right, I just make the payment I agreed on the consent order to the new dca and explain i have a consent order in place? and do i have to inform the court of the new owner. your help is much appreciated , jj
  2. hi payments were made to wescot, sorry I have just checked letter and Halifax state to pay new dca as they are now legal owners of the debt and not to any previously appointed agents. Are consent orders transferable as it was signed by wescot on behalf of hbos, yet the letter from Halifax just states they don't know why the debt has not been paid and no mention of the consent order in place or payments made since it was signed . thanks for your quick reply , jj
  3. hi just a quick update on the situation, I agreed to a consent order with wescot who were acting for hbos which was agreed by the court and have made payments to them so thought this was all settled , however now received letters stating wescot are not dealing with this any longer and received letter from Halifax stating they have now sold it to another dca , what happens to the consent order I agreed with wescot/Halifax if they have now sold it on?? do I stop paying as they don't own it any longer, or do I offer same amount to new dca ? feel completely lost, been looking on forum to see
  4. Hi Andy, the n24 verbatim is in the post I typed at 10.14 today , yes I see now I have til 7th march , was just a bit worried that ccj would be granted on Thursday if I didn't do anything, will keep you informed , jj
  5. Hi thanks again , the n24 stated the case is stayed til 7th march but says by 21st feb steps to be taken as mentioned , jj
  6. Hi Will the courts mediator contact me themselves? Or do I have to contact them ? And if so do I have to do this before Thursday and let the court know? Or If I contact wescot myself is there a template letter I could use offering a settlement in monthly payments , less the amount I discovered in charges , any idea how much to offer , claim for just over £2000 they once offer me reduced figure of £ 1400. And if I do this do I inform the court of my actions ? Thanks for all you help Andy much appreciated , jj
  7. Hi quick update , I sent my aq back and stated I would go for mediation ( I decided to do this after I recd my sar back showing oc did have my signed application form ) now recd N24 from local court and this has confused me again ? It states Claim stayed for one month And gives me one week for the following steps to be taken Either The claimant must notify if the case has been settled Or The claimant/ defendant must write to the court requesting an extension of the stay period explaining steps taken towards settlement and identifying any mediator expert or other person helpin
  8. hi please help i recd my signed application form in my SAR to OC, wescot said they didnt have CCA, ( my scanner has broken) am totally confused what to do next, i have recd the allocation questionaire and am now thinking of accepting mediation as i have read somewhere that the application form can be accepted as the CCA, if i go for mediation and i agree to pay does this avoid the CCj being issued, i have to return my AQ tomorrow it has to be there monday and am totally at a loss what to put . any help appreciated jj
  9. ok thanks, will try later as i'm just off to do the school run, thanks for your help
  10. its just my application form the right to cancel is on there but its just scribbled offer and account number written on the application form , is this classed as the cca?
  11. happy New Year to everyone, hope everyone had a great time. (late i know but been a bit busy and ill over the christmas period) i thought i'd update you , yes the previous letter made out i had been given a ccj but phoned the court who said they applied for it but it was rejected, they have now sent me the Allocation questionaire to complete. (fair enough) now very unsure what to do as i have had my reply to my SAR today and there is the application form i completed in the late 90's , is this now classed as the agreement . if it is i have little left to base m
  12. hi thanks for the reply, i am slightly confused, when you say they have issued a claim , i thought thats what i had already recieved and responded to by submitting my defence online. my defence was submitted 10/12 letter from wetcothes stating ccj registered dated11/12. letter from court recd 13/12/12 stating court have recieved my defence and sent it to claimant. so not sure how they can say ccj registered before a hearing date? your help is appreciated , jittery jayne
  13. hi,quick update,i recd letter friday stating ccj isued and a final chance to aviod ccj???? well i also recieved a letter from the courts stating they have forwarded my defence to claimant and are waiting for a response, and just checked online and a ccj has not been issued still showing defence submitted do i need to respond to this? thanks for any advice , jitteryjayne.
  14. thanks so much, will keep you updated what happens , jitteryjayne
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