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  1. Levy on the van was over a month ago. Its for personal use. I haven't ever been in when the bailiff called and the gate has always been padlocked. Im really worried they'll take it Id rather deal with the council but am very worried about my van
  2. I have a notice from Rossendales saying they intend to seize my goods within 24 hours unless I pay 1200 for unpaid council tax. I wrote to Rossendales a while ago offering a payment plan (150) a month but had no reply. I stupidly left it at that. They have never entered but my van, kept behind a locked 2m high gate is listed on a walking posession order. Is this valid even though I have never spoken to them or granted access to my property? How should I handle this? I just want to pay it off at a reasonable rate and not loose my van
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