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  1. hi Angelface, sorry to learn about your recent health problems, I hope that all will be ok with you! It is a good thing that you have already wrote them a letter saying that they should not visit your home. If she, or they call again, my advice would be either to ignore them and do not answer the door, or, if you want, answer the door (making sure your chain is on so they can't force themselves in) and telling them that you have already contacted their office previously stating you do not want them to visit your home and that you will now be contacting the police because you are both a
  2. i never eat anything that has had a face... free is better than cheap! you can grow your own cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes etc very easily. for some reason, my sprouts have come up with their 5th crop from the same plants. as well as growing your own free food, you may actually find it enjoyable as well.
  3. hi, do not answer your door to them. or if you do, make sure you have the security chain in place! do not give them the goods. say you will only give them the goods if they have a court order for this. if you are paying for their damage liability cover and optional service cover, then you could think about cancelling both payments and also claim a refund of the payments you have already made in respect of their insurances. they can only collect your goods if you give them permission to do so, ie - if you give them permission to enter your home! do not give them permission,
  4. Hi, I hope all will be well with yourself and your family soon. Regarding the phone calls and home visits, simply tell them in a letter / email that you do not wish to receive phone calls from them and you do not wish to receive any home visits from them. As far as I know, they are under a legal obligation to comply with your wishes! Inform them that you will only deal with them by way of letter. They must write to you via letter should they wish to contact you! If they then turn up at your door, you should then call the police via 999 and state that you have already informed th
  5. hi, You say that you were harassed by them. You could send them a letter stating that you felt alarmed and distressed when they called to your home and state that you do not require any further visits from them. Should they make a visit after your request, you would then deem them to be breaking the Protection From Harassment Act, 1997. As for compensation, - what are your losses? I know that you are annoyed because you did not want your mother and ex-partner to know you have financial difficulties, but in the Court I am sure the Judge would only award compensation for your losse
  6. To Brighthouse CEO, I am writing in compliance with the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct. Please regard this letter as a letter before action. My opinion is that the payments I have made in respect of the Damage Liability Cover and Optional Service Cover should be refunded to myself. This is because I have my own home insurance that covers damage / theft (in the case of Damage Liability Cover). Now, turning to the Optional Service Cover, it is my opinion that the law states a retailer can not sell something to a consumer that the consumer already has in law. I s
  7. hi supacat, no, not as yet, they have not refunded the money for both of their "insurances". I had sent the company 6 letters and approximately 30 or so emails (all the same email) Everything was ignored until I sent them a letter before action. Once they received the letter before action, they replied on the final day. I am helping a friend who purchased from one of their stores. I have started a thread called 'Brighthouse Price Promise' and am updating that. It seems that court action is necessary in order to claim back the money paid for the both insurances and also to ma
  8. Condolences to Martins family and friends. Martin spoke with me in site email, actually we tried to speak with each other in Russian language (long story!). I do not know him personally other than speaking through this site, but what I do know is that he was fun and friendly and also had a desire to help other people. RIP.
  9. hi, i am pleased to know that Brighthouse have at least one satisfied customer. However, I would question your post here and the motives behind your post. For example, this website deals with people who have various problems with retailers etc. You join this website this month and so far you have made only one post. Your one and only post on this website says you are pleased with Brighthouse and that they have been great to you. If your post here is not some public relations for Brighthouse, then, what is it exactly for? It is clear that you signed up to this web
  10. hi bigdaddy! your posts are confusing, you say you were paying a higher amount and then this was reduced to a lower amount. you also say that you dont have their insurances as you have house insurance. are you sure you dont have any other type of 'insurance' such as coverplus? because if you have been paying that you should do as DX has advised and reclaim all the money you have paid for the insurance.
  11. hello jasonolga, i believe that perfect homes would simply ignore your complaint since it is your word against theirs. if you have proof / evidence of this then you should proceed in making a claim against them. but i suspect you have no proof and it is a case of your word against theirs. the retailer is probably aware that nothing would come out of this as there is no evidence to present to a Court. the only thing I can suggest to you is to reclaim all of your coverplus payments. Send the company a subject access request, this will show you all the information they have about
  12. hi Supacat, I would advise you not to accept the rewritten agreement as you would lose the amount of time you have had in your current agreement and the new rewritten agreement would not take into account your previous time in paying. imo, after writing several letters and emails to this company, all of which were ignored, they only responded when I sent them email stating court action would commence. (some terms to search for this: letter before action, CPR)
  13. just a quick update to this. my friend who purchased from Brighthouse has now agreed to start legal action concerning their price promise. i have to prepare court paperwork and start the court process. Brighthouse have already been sent a letter before action. one thing that is interesting, since I sent them previous correspondence, I see that in two of their stores they have changed their advertising concerning the price promise. they now state that the promise does not cover 'Baird' TVs. I will update this thread with the outcome of the court case. Meanwhile, if anyone c
  14. hi, i think all you can expect is for any of your financial losses caused by the second payment leaving your account. i dont think it would be realistic for you to cancel the agreement under this circumstance.
  15. hi arianna, DX has given you good advice, but dont forget to claim the late payment charges also.
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