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  1. .co.uk behind lol ther u go check it out really helps me and my family
  2. hello there not really sure on how to answer your question, i was with edf for a long time and they were nothing but trouble but in all honesty i think they are all the same, my house is run soley on electric and i have changed company again and again to no avail as the prices are too high but just 5 months ago my friend showed me this product u plug it in and it guarantees to save u up to 20% on your electric bill no matter what company you are with. it takes the surges of elctricity and sparks out of our system that we normally lose stores them flattens them and thn releases them as reuasable energy anyway to cut the story short i now save 20 a month on my electric bill amazing, check it out dont let these companies take us for a ride and pay for electric we dont even use. and go to products energymizer. hopefully it can help you save too.
  3. hi just wondered how you got on with your claim i also have what you have intercranial hypertension, i have never met anyone else withit. i am in the same situation as you and have just sent of my form, thanks
  4. hello there i have intercranial hypertension to and am in the exact same situation as you. do you have any news yet on your appeal, i just sent mine of today, i was furious with th medical examiner as he wanted me to answer questions with a yes or no basis but as we know with what we have its not as simple as that. never met any on else with it, may i ask how yours come about? thanks rachel
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