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  1. Thanks tomtubby. Is that what I should do next? Write to NSL and ask for a breakdown of the costs?
  2. OH and I had read that I needed to issue a 'section 7 notice'? A freedom of information request to TASK Enforcement, for all information relating to me/my company on file? Is this the best thing to do?
  3. @ploddertom The Warramt is dated as authorised on the 16/10/2012 and given to the enforment officer on the 19/10/2012. The contravnetion was on the 15/06/2012. The Bailiff attended on the 08/11/2012. Hope this helps? With thanks.
  4. @ Tomtubby. It doesn't actually say, aborted Van Fee, it says: Aborted Removal £195.00. It relates to Lewisham Council, SE London. Anyone know what I should do next. I have read that I should issue a section 7 notice on the agency, or should I go to John Galt?
  5. Hello. I am the sole Director of a small Company. I have been on holiday to the West Country, for one week. Today, is my first day back. This morning a bailliff from NSL turned up, although his Company paperwork said 'Task Enforcement Ltd', demanding £799.34. I was a bit, taken back. I asked what for and he gave me a warrant for £202.00. When I queried the difference, he kept suggesting that I could not read. It later transpired that the difference was his costs which he had not given me an account of. The original fine was for a yellow box junction, which I had contested. I did recieve a letter back, saying that they had found against me, and that my next option was to pay or go to court. I had planned to go to court to fight the yellow box fine, as it would have been a 'de minimis' infringement at best. With the pressure and time constraints of running a small business, I opted to pay the fine, although it did sit on my desk for a while. I was on holiday for 8 days and today is my fist day back at work. The bailiff was extremely curt and rude, especially as my business is customer facing and I had customers in an out, while he was here. I telephoned my bookeeper, who told me that while I was away that he had paid, a fine, but could not be sure which one. I told the bailiff to come back tomorrow and talk to my bookkeeper. He was not interested, he just wanted the money now. I asked for his ID which he was reticent to give. His badge gave a telephone number to call to check his ID. I called the number at 11:37 and it was an answerphone (they actually called back at 14:05, half an hour after the bailiff had left). I left a message, saying that I wanted to check a Bailiffs, I.D. Eventually the bailiff wrote out a, Notice of Seizure of Goods & Inventory. To which he started to add items and costs. The costs amounted to: Debt/Penalty Charge Notice £202.00 Letter £11.20 Levy Fee £56.73 + £59.85 Attendance to Remove Goods/Vehicle £175.00 Aborted Removal £195.00 VAT on Enforcement Costs £99.56 A grand total of £799.34 He showed this to me and I told him that I am not agreeing to it. At this point, he had not completed an inventory. I told him that the desks, computers and printer in the office, we not mine, but were leased. At this point, I had to leave the office for a 30 minute appointment. Told you, small office, there was no one else that could do it. I told him to return tomorrow, when the book keeper was in. He said no, he was removing everything from the office now. Whilst, I was out, the staff called me to say that he had started to unplug their computer's and was pilling them in the middle of the office. He was pestering the staff to pay his money. She staff told me that he had said he would wait in the office until 1pm. Eventually, one of the female members of staff, was so panicked that he was unplugging her computer, that she paid him the £799.34 from her own card. When I returned to the office, I noticed that he had completed the inventory, to include a large printer in the office, which is leased, as well as a cheap Dell Computor and a cheap binding machine. Also, he had riffled through my desk and drawers and appears to have opened some of my mail. Of which part was a new log book for one of the cars. The registration No of which he scribbled in the top corner of the Warrant of Exectution. Is anyone able to give me any advise or tell me what to do? I have been well and truly ripped off here and I do not want to let matters rest. Whilst on the subject, I have come across John Galt of bailiff-mediation.com. Has anyone ever used John and can they confirm that he is reputable? I have read other posts, but they seem to link back to a dead link. Thank you.
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