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  1. Thanks tomtubby. Is that what I should do next? Write to NSL and ask for a breakdown of the costs?
  2. OH and I had read that I needed to issue a 'section 7 notice'? A freedom of information request to TASK Enforcement, for all information relating to me/my company on file? Is this the best thing to do?
  3. @ploddertom The Warramt is dated as authorised on the 16/10/2012 and given to the enforment officer on the 19/10/2012. The contravnetion was on the 15/06/2012. The Bailiff attended on the 08/11/2012. Hope this helps? With thanks.
  4. @ Tomtubby. It doesn't actually say, aborted Van Fee, it says: Aborted Removal £195.00. It relates to Lewisham Council, SE London. Anyone know what I should do next. I have read that I should issue a section 7 notice on the agency, or should I go to John Galt?
  5. Hello. I am the sole Director of a small Company. I have been on holiday to the West Country, for one week. Today, is my first day back. This morning a bailliff from NSL turned up, although his Company paperwork said 'Task Enforcement Ltd', demanding £799.34. I was a bit, taken back. I asked what for and he gave me a warrant for £202.00. When I queried the difference, he kept suggesting that I could not read. It later transpired that the difference was his costs which he had not given me an account of. The original fine was for a yellow box junction, which I had contested
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