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  1. Hi all, Wasn't sure whether to start a new thread or resurrect this one... sorry if I made the wrong choice! So, we've paid the PRS for a couple of years and have now been contacted by "PPL" who PRS had never mentioned as another license requirement. We've been billed for having hold music - for last 12 months and next 12 months. They billed us for having 5 lines although we only have a max of 4 staff to answer calls - we are a small business. I noticed MARTIN3030 had some info and wondered if this is helpful. I'm tempted to refuse to pay.... Thanks, David
  2. Hi all, As promised, I am updating my claim for PPI miss-selling on a Northern Rock loan. Last week I decided to call NRAM to see if my complaint was being dealt with. This was an absolute nightmare - called the number provided on their correspondence only to be told I needed to call a different number (their Leeds office). Called that and was told that because I had no "T reference number" I had to go back to the original office. I got passed around like that 3 times before finally getting someone to help. Anyway, I received a letter today saying that it seems I was wrongly sold PPI on TWO loans from Northern Rock. I had forgotten the first one but they confirmed as they had my previous, previous address. The amount offered in the letter is £2149.14 which is about 4 times the amount I had hoped for/expected. The fact they dealt with the complaint within 8 weeks was a shock too. BUT... I really don't want to sound greedy here but there is a part on the "Calculation summary sheet" which is confusing me.. It starts of with "Refund of premiums paid" - £2558.49 Plus "8% simple interest" - £1254.59 Giving "Total refund" - £3813.08 But it then has "Minus: Paid PPI claims" - £1043.66 and "8% simple interest" - £620.28 "Total deduction" - £1663.94 Hence the £2149.14 settlement figure. So does anyone know what the "Paid PPI claims" refers to? I have not previously raised any complaint over the PPI with Northern Rock nor have I ever claimed on the actual insurance. What I did do is repay the loan early - could this be what they are referring to?? I will call them on Monday but wondered if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks, David
  3. Ah, I thought it was simply a refund of money paid out via the DD and not other financial claims. It's not a big deal really but yes, 23 months of payments before realising! (The first 12 months were at a lower premium) My excuse is that I was busy with other things and never expected a mistake like that. It is a bit scary that a DD mandate can have any old person's details on it, be unsigned and be accepted. In theory, all a fraudster would need is a cheque or debit card to start the [problem].
  4. Hi dx, Thanks - I did get it all refunded but was wondering if there should be any redress for their lack of security, lost interest on money taken from my account and general incompetence? I'm currently £36 up anyway - perhaps I'll just keep this...?
  5. That's a good idea but NRAM claim that they do not hold details of PPI (which is why they made me call Pinnacle) - does that mean I need to SAR the PPI company too? (Smacks of incompetence IMHO)
  6. Hi all, Just joined to report on a new PPI claim I've started with NRAM but would like some advice on this little nugget...! I've moved home a couple of times over the past couple of years (no, not avoiding anyone!!) just a bit crazy I suppose! For two house purchases, I sought the advice of a local IFA who is a REALLY good bloke and provided sound advice. In June of this year I decided to switch bank accounts and most of the DD transfers were sorted out by my new bank, however, they had a problem with one of my regular payments - "Select & Protect". Now, I had seen the name on my statements online but always assumed it was some kind of life insurance I took out via the IFA. After some investigating, it turns out "Select & Protect" do house insurance. It seems my IFA had pre-filled a form with my details assuming I would take out house insurance with him. I didn't as I got cheaper quotes elsewhere. He somehow mixed up my details with a completely separate client who I don't know from Adam and this was sent to Select & Protect who promptly set up a DD from my account. This was August 2010 and they even increased the premium in 2011. (I know, I should have realised earlier!!). Obviously any correspondence regarding the insurance policy went to the policy holder and I was none the wiser. I complained to S&P, they tried to get me to claim the money back from the IFA so I instead claimed via my bank and received a full refund of £700 Then the numpties took ANOTHER payment from me over a month after I had initially raised the issue. I went to my bank again and got another refund for the payment. At the same time, I complained to S&P and initially unknown to me, they also reversed the payment to my account. I decided to make a formal complaint to S&P due to their incompetence and lost interest on the money they had taken from me over the 2 years. They rejected this and said I had to claim from the IFA, they also said they wanted their £36 back which had been effectively double-refunded for the last monthly payment. I've since not bothered doing anything as I don't want to cause my IFA any more grief but do I have a valid claim against Select & Protect for accepting unsigned DD mandates and failing to conduct any checks when policy holder names and payee names don't match? Should I give them their £36 back or hold it for 2 years first?? Thanks, David (apologies for the long post)
  7. First off, hello all! I've decided to join in on the forum to let you know how I get on with a PPI complaint against Northern Rock (£7k personal loan). I borrowed £7k over 36 months in Jan 2008 via a telephone application. Sales guy at NR told me he had run everything through the computer and it was recommending I took out "Gold cover" (sic) and that the success of my application sort of depended on it. I never thought any more about it and paid off the loan early (Feb 2010). It was only when I was looking at my credit report online that I remembered it! After my initial claim form ended up with Bradford & Bingley (who dismissed it), I managed to get hold of NRAM again today only for the assistant's PC to crash after 15 minutes of me providing details. Next person I got passed to basically told me to sod off as I had no paperwork and call Cardif Pinnacle and ask them if I had PPI. She claimed it would show as a separate payment on my bank statements (which it didn't) Called Pinnacle and managed to confirm I did indeed have PPI and they supplied me with a policy number which was the loan reference too apparently. So back to NRAM and after 1 dropped call and 1 non-answered call (:-x), I got through and have now started a claim. Strange that they cannot simply do the same search that Pinnacle did! Anyone estimate what the interest rate would have been on a personal loan back in 2008? (Trying to work out how much the PPI portion of the loan was!!) Anyway, I'll keep this thread updated with how I get on... I did submit a complaint to HSBC a year or so back regarding their PPI on a credit card but they dismissed my claim as I had signed a box on the paperwork to accept the Ts & Cs of the insurance and I never got around to taking it further...
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