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  1. The vehicle was never de-listed (I checked their vehicle listings and nothing had changed in between my initial phone call and cancellation) and so the company incurred no cost whatsoever. You are right Prolix - they cannot justify keeping this money and to do so only serves to demonstrate their contempt for fair trade and a desire to make a fast buck at the customers expense. I have every intention in taking this trader to court - I deplore such people and their greed mentality.
  2. The action was open-ended with no guarantee that I would inspect the vehicle. It could also be construed as saying I will not leave a holding deposit UNTIL I have inspected the vehicle. It was up to the dealer to state if he was not happy with this by stating that if another customer comes along he reserves the right to sell the vehicle. I believe he should also have reminded the customer at this point that any deposit made would be non-refundable. That is the whole point about distance selling, the legal agreement is not easily accessible for perusal by the customer. This brings me onto your second point, a second hand car/camper van is a one off or bespoke item. This might apply if I had asked the dealer to modify the vehicle to my personal taste, but this was not the case and so the camper van could not be considered as anything other than 'off the shelf'. Consumer protection laws were brought in to protect people from dealers like this who make large sums of money from doing nothing and supplying nothing after taking a customers hard earned cash. In my eyes this is nothing short of theft. I am more than happy to take this dealer to court as I believe such bad business practice should be exposed for the protection of all.
  3. Hi, I agreed to place a £500 deposit by telephone to hold a Campervan and stated clearly it was subject to a vehicle inspection (proof available). I advised the dealer (LeedsLeisureVehicles) that I could not inspect the vehicle until the following Sunday (it was late Wednesday afternoon when I rang initially). Due to a job offer not being received I could not go through with the sale and telephoned first thing Sunday morning to say I would not be coming to inspect the vehicle. I was told the person to talk to would ring me back on Monday. I was advised on Monday that my deposit was lost. This comes under the distance selling agreement which provides additional protection over normal transactions. I signed nothing and was not advised that my deposit was not refundable at any time by the salesperson (proof available). How do I stand re recovering my deposit? Can I just warn others that this it not the action of a reputable company and I would strongly advise anyone to steer well clear of Leeds Leisure Vehicles. Many thanks in anticipation of your help. Brian
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