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  1. Hi Ims21 Just to let you know that I've started a new thread entitled " Halifax Loan 11 years ago". May be you could help. Thanks
  2. Hi I took a loan of £5000 with Halifax 11 years ago(2001). I payed if off on the 24/2/2003. I have found the Personal Loan Agreement paper work and realized that my premium included a all lot of charges that i don' t know what they are. There is a charge for credit for cash loan There is a insurance loan And there is a charge for credit for insurance loan Bring the total charges for credit for total loan to £ 1995.13 Can somebody help me to make sense of it and see if i can claim anything back.? Thank you
  3. Hi Ims21 Just to let you know that I have sent a SAR in recorded delivery to verso t/a Britannia... but also to London Mortgage Company which is now Acenden and Kensington Mortgage. I had dealings with all 3 of them, one after the other and i believe they all fobbed me off! the worst being Kensington Mortgages who finally succeeded in pushing me to sell my house, to declare myself homeless and to spend 2 months in a mental hospital. I find it painful to look at the statement letters but i feel empowered now since I came across this site and the number of people who have suffered in
  4. Hi. Thanks for the link. As i thought Britannia is part of the cooperative bank group. Yes, correct, i was paying directly to scottish provident. It was not included in the mortgage repayment with verso. I don't know if the broker is still in business. I must investigate.the full name being Vantis Morgan Nevill Ltd What strikes me is that i once had a direct debit rejected by the bank for insufficient fund , and i received not only a letter from Scottish provident as you would expect, telling me that "Under the terms of your SELF ASSURANCE mortgage, if prem
  5. I am trying to SAR Verso with whom i had a mortgage back in 2000 but they don't exist anymore and I have reasons to believe that the co-operative bank might be dealing with their claims, simply because in the leaflets that i still have from them(verso), in the bottom it says "Part of the britannia group of companies". And since Britannia now belongs to Co-operative banks ....bingo! ...But i might be wrong. Does anybody know?, is it too far back to obtain any documents ? My story is such... : In Aug 2000 I remortgaged my house with Verso via a broker called Morgan Nevi
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