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  1. Hi, not sure if you have noticed but the 22nd is on a Thursday not Wednesday. Good luck with your son
  2. Hello again, The question is can I resign and claim constructive dismissal will it harmme that i have not waited for the employer to respond? Raised a grievance on 05/11/12, was sent home on paid leave. There has beenno contact with my employer since. Acas code says that there should be a meeting arranged within 5 working daysit is now 8 days. The complaint is about bullying and has had an effect on my health I don’t believeI can go back as it is making me ill my doctor has stated acute stress andplaced me on sleeping tablets.
  3. Thank you for the replies. I do not think i'm suspended, he stated that he had received my letter andthere was a lot to look into and that as I had stated it was making mephysically ill he was putting me on immediate paid leave. Staffs are being told I’m off ill by the hr advisor. I have suffered from stress in the past and have had cognitive behaviouraltherapy to help me cope when I have episodes which have really helped me tostay of medication but yesterday just threw me and this morning has been terrible,haven’t felt like this for over 12 months. Thanks DJ its good to h
  4. Hello, I raised a formal grievance yesterday by e-mail to my boss he replied cc'ing one of the employees I had raised the grievance against. A couple of hours later i was called to his office and put on paid leave is it usual to be put on paid leave for raising a grievance. I was not expecting this and it has made me feel worse. The grievance is in relation to the behaviours of two people above me who have taken away my autonmy and made me to feel inadeqate and undermined my confidence. I brought this to my bosses attention before i went on holiday since my return two
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