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  1. Yes, i know and i cant wait lol . I will keep my thread posted. Phil.B:cool:
  2. I spoke again to Mrs Eve Hammond at s,c & m Yesterday. I received copy of court order on the 18th April and do you know what,so did they! strange, i thought they had a mailing system that took 3 days from getting letter to dealing with it,lol. So.....i asked when i would be getting what i was owed as per what was set out in the court order. I was told that another team namerly "the Jugement orders team" are dealing with that,however unfortunately there is a backlog in the department.Now there is a surprise. There are too floors at s,c & m. One pre court proceedings.
  3. S c & m phoned me again today. Saying that they had spoken to the court prior to the hearing. A lady called Eve Hammond said that the court had not made them aware of the amount claimed. rubbish and laughed. we all know how many times we have all tried to comm with these guys. didnt know the amount and were confused. I asked them did they know just what A particular of claims form was!! to cut a long story short. without being negative i told the kind lady that a court order had been issued against them and they must pay me accordingly. Now then,Just how good did that ma
  4. Yes innocent the judge was a very nice man. i will let you know when s,c & m pay me as per the court order of 16th april 2007. Its sounds great dosent it. Its not the money, its the principil of the order and it just shows the lack of communication with the banks to listen. Gary, The judge did day one thing- not aimed directly at s,c & m but at the issue as a whole. He said that Most banks where struggling (solicitors on behalf of i assume) to communicate in a correct manner. I said that i beleive the way forward was to be clear and honest about the claim from a defendants p
  5. I attended court today.Explained to the judge about the incomplete settlement. showed him communication from my self to s,c & m. He was unable to see also,why they where relutant to settle the amount from my particulars of claim form. The result was great,i wished they would have attended. the Judge ordered that s,c & m Pay the balance outstanding. Thank you Innocent for your help. Also Gary H your input is great on the site. regards Phil.B
  6. Thankyou for your help Innocent. I thought it was correct. Can you beleive that S,c & m actually rang me on Friday. Telling me that 8 % is correct but only from the time that the claim was started until monday 16th April. I dont think that i have much time left to persist. Bearing in mind that i have received all my costs and bank charges back. Im due in court 2 moz and i have not sent in my bundle. I am sitting here in antisipation whether or not to fax discontinuence. Puzzled and in thought. Regards Phil.B
  7. Just received cheque for £252. they say 8 % interest is worked out and offered from the start of the claim (24th August 2006 - 16th April 2007 - which is court date. I thought Interest was based on 8 % of the total claim amount? your help is much apresiated. Very Confused Now. Do you think that i have any time left to argue this. Bearing in mine court date is Monday 16th April 2007 at 12 mid day. Regards Phil.B
  8. Hi Gary,silly of me I know, but i didnt send in my bundle. No excuses,the usual pressure of long hours and family commitments. Court is monday 16th April. I have sent again that letter Guaranteed del and re-faxed it some 4 days ago. Still nothing,just wondering how late to leave it before i send in my discontinuence. I dont want to put myself in the position where i am liable for there costs if I leave it to late. May fax discontinuence today to sc & m And court. Let me know what you think. Many thanks again Gary. Regards Phil.B
  9. im a little worried that i havent sent my documents into court as indicated. it said that all documents must be filed within 2 weeks of court date. I may phone the court to get a little advice. Regards Phil.B I will contact them within the next week if I havent got full and final settlement.
  10. Ok Gary thanks For all your very kind input. I have posted last night recorded del to sc & m, faxed a copy to them early yesterday and sent one copy recorded del to court.
  11. Thanks Gary, I faxed Mr thomas at sc &m. Saying:- Dear Mr Thomas, Thank you for providing me with a settlement figure of £5100 including Costs. However, in light of this settlement I must draw your attention, to the fact that according to my Particulars of claim form dated 20/11/06, it does not seem to include interest at 8%. I am sure that this is an oversight on your behalf. An amount of a further £1028.71 is outstanding in full and final settlement. I await your prompt reply. Gary,will there be any problems with this?? My court date is 16th April and it states that
  12. Hi gary, the settlement was for the amount less the 8% interest fee. Would i have only been awarded this if it had gone to court? Just want to confirm this before i write to court saying settlement is complete. Hope you are well Many thanks Phil.B.
  13. No I hadnt submitted court bundle,i should of done it earlier though. All i can say is that i was 4 weeks away from court, when i got settlement by post. Phil.B
  14. Hi all,sorry not been online for some time. Am due in court on 16th April. To my suprise I received a full Settle ment in the Post with NO conditions from S c & m. On 16th March. Thank you to all who where so helpful and patient. We have our Baby due in the next 9 weeks, so it will be great for all our Family. Cheers Phil.B Good luck with the fight and heres to round two.
  15. Hi gary, it has been allocated to the small claims track. You where correct that,at the amendment hearing the judge mis-informed me of my track. So i quoted the cpr rules as kindly focussed on by your self. 16th April 2006 - but at least I have it. Dont think one case as yet as ever been to court. We need a test case badly or a judge to oder that costs be justified. any letter i can send sc & m because i want to keep pressure on them now. many thanks Gary for your help. Phil.B
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