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  1. Yes the bank had this po box in NZ for the last four years, as I frequently lived in remote areas and that was my main point of contact. The NZ DCA has the same. I often didn't have a fixed home address so this was never relevant to the bank and so never supplied
  2. Thanks for the reply - no, the account was a private one I used often for work also, as a sole trader. I avoided insurance, thinking it was a bit of a [problem] for what it offered but just made some poor choices along the way
  3. Hi - this isn' the first time I've viewed and appreciated the work on this site; over the last seven years I've looked for help many times to try to dig myself out of the hole I created. First time to ask for any assistance directly tho. Anyone's input or experience is really welcome; I suspect most people who read and come to this site understand the distress and worry debt creates in life. I settled in NZ in 2005, and am very grateful to be here. I brought approx 8000 pounds unsecured cc debt with a major UK bank as my business failed in Europe, the debt accumulating on and off since 19
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