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  1. Just popped back to report Victory Number Two -vs- NatWest on the same account. Following the protracted win where the cheque for full settlement got lost in the post, NatWest re-issued and then put a stop on the re-issued rather than the lost cheque, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-successes/53542-priceless-bl-dy-priceless-4.html we decided to have an additional go, and reclaim the charges incurred from the start of the claim (July 06) to settlement (Dec 06) totalling £566.00 (no interest asked for). Letter was sent to
  2. Job sorted. Cobbetts extremely helpful and organised NatWest to refund via Telegraphic Transfer today. Thankyou Cobbetts, pat on the back here. NatWest also refunded the ONE HUNDRED POUNDS CHARGES CLAIMED BY THEIR OWN STUPIDITY, naturally. Ian has decided to change banks ! PLEASE PUT THIS BACK IN THE SUCCESS THREAD
  3. Following the "lost in post" original cheque saga, see http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-successes/31808-ian-natwest-1850-a.html ............... the replacement cheque was banked last week. Guess what good old NatWest have done ?????????? Only gone and cancelled the wrong cheque didn't they ! Yes it is true. The replacement and banked cheque has now been stopped plunging the account into overdraft and bouncing planned payments. The original "lost" cheque has now found it's way back to NatWest and is sitting on a desk awaiting instructions. Tools !!!
  4. Donation made today. The PayPal account name bears no resemblance to my user name here, but I have donated. A big thankyou to everyone who helped. You do a sterling job. Regards for and on behalf of IAN
  5. VICTORY As mentioned last week, we were awaiting a re-issued cheque. It arrived today £1700 + interest + court fees + AQ fee = Result Thanks to all Donation when cheque clears. Then we write asking for refund of charges made whilst claim was in progress. PLEASE TRANSFER THIS THREAD TO SUCCESSES HEADER
  6. UPDATE -------- Letter from Cobbetts today asking why we have not returned documents asking to cancel court date now the claim has been settled in full. Seems their cheque sent end October has been lost in the post. They are re-issuing, hopefully arriving next week. So, next week thread should be able to be moved to the "successes" thread, and a contribution to the site will be made. A premature thankyou all. Michael Browne has been on hand to help, for which we thank you.
  7. Thanks Barracad. I must admit, our first thoughts were thankful that a serious accident was not involved. I had not read the confused.com terms, but we are all more aware to check the small (and large) print. Regarding the age 25 limit, most people I have spoken to around my parental age, 50, also thought the restriction was to age 21. As I stress, this was a genuine mistake. There was never any intent to drive without insurance, if there had been, then no policy would have been taken out. It is something he has taken on his chin and, whilst being very frustrated, is l
  8. Can anyone help please with the following scenario ? With four claim free years of fully comprehensive insurance with CIS behind him, my 21 year old son decided to change insurers for financial reasons.He had the benefit of the option to be covered driving other vehicles providing the owner gave permission.In February 2006, he moved to Norwich Union having searched the internet using the Cheap UK Car insurance and home insurance quotes comparison from Confused.com. database. This found many options, but Norwich Union suited him on price, as well as having all the benefits he previously en
  9. UPDATE Afraid to say still no cheque. Now a month since court date notification. Will be Ian's birthday on Friday 17th. Would be a nice present. Has anyone else waited this long since receiving court date notification ? Thanks
  10. Now I am getting a little worried. Notification of the court date was issued 19 October, two weeks ago. Winners on here seemed to receive their cheque a matter of days after court date notification. Is it possible that, as my son is a serial abuser and has continued to default on direct debits despite all my protestations, Cobbetts will take him to court and make an example of him ? It would not surprise me, and I fear he would lose because of his actions since the start of the claim.
  11. Update. Received our court appearance date, for mid January. The thing is, this came a couple of weeks ago and I was expecting the Cobbetts cheque to appear by now. Are they testing my resolve, as usual, and see us in court, OR, likely to pay-up before the end of 2006 to save their costs ? As I said, I was expecting settlement within a matter of days of court date notification. Thankyou.
  12. OK Michael .......... will do, thanks. I know this is late in the day, but, we are only claiming for "Referral Charges" and "Unpaid Item" fees. Did not include standard interest charges as they would be covered in our claim +8% interest. What is the complete list of recoverable charges please ? My reason for asking is that during the course of our claim, Ian has incurred further referral fees. Should we win this claim, I intend to write and claim for these further costs on the basis that we were successful, so we may as well try for other charges also. In this second instance, we may
  13. Looking good here. Got Cobbetts "client considers our challenge to charges would fail in court letter" yesterday, only 2 days after AQ deadline date. In it's content was an offer of £1150 goodwill payment, how surprising is that ! Seeing other threads, we now ignore this and do not reply to it. Wonder when cheque will arrive ?
  14. John, Don't know if it helps but, I took the line that there are some charges NatWest can make, and some that they are taking the ........ We only claimed for unpaid item fees and referral charges on the basis that to claim for something unrefundable would upset the whole claim. We are at court date threat stage and if we win, I shall be more than happy that we were not greedy and claimed for everything and lost. Good luck, it is a long road ahead but the advice on this site is brilliant.
  15. Received reply from Cobbetts following our AQ submission. They say they are taking us to small claims court and their fees are already in excess of £300. I assume this is the next stage of their scare tactics in the hope that we cave in. Is this their last effort to win ? Please tell me I am right in thinking this. Should a court appearance be required, logically it would be the local court who would appoint a date. As AQ deadline was Monday 9th, how long would the court take to announce this date ? It is getting worryingly tight at this end I must say. Thankyou
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