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  1. Hi I cannot open a bank account anywhere, I have tried every high street bank I can think of. Barclays briefly opened a basic account for me which was closed some 48 hours later with no reasoning or explanation. I have checked my credit file and whilst it is appalling in it's nature, lots of defaults and a couple of CCJs I was advised by Yorkshire Bank that I may have a fraud marker against my name - I cannot see this. There are no CIFAS warnings and I have registered with all 3 credit reference agencies. I have tried to open accounts with; Natwest Lloyd
  2. Thank you very much - I will send an email now. So basically, people could use a product for 4 weeks, then send it back and have no penalty to pay? That seems slightly strange to me! Either way, I want to cancel before delivery. Thank you very much! Thank you also for your help, glad I have managed to get out of this before I get in too deep. I will think carefully next time before signing on the dotted line!
  3. Thank you very much I will pop down to the shop armed with a letter first thing, I was thinking about sending a recorded delivery letter also to their head office just to be on the safe side? I do take it that I have 14 days to cancel at any point, regardless of what Brighthouse say?
  4. Hi guys Sorry I didn't respond, I forgot all about this thread and account I had. Just to let you know, I ended up putting in a grievance for them failing to follow procedure - which was upheld and I was reinstated with immediate effect - I resigned shortly after as I got a better job offer elsewhere!
  5. Hi guys I have a stupid idea the other day to buy a new washing machine from Brighthouse. After I'd come home and thought about it (after the staff in store where lets say... pushy and I fell into their trap!) I realised that paying £1068 for a washing machine on sale in Currys for £349.99 is ludicrious. I phoned Brighthouse and asked to cancel my order, they told me I cannot, I explained that the hire purchase agreement I'd signed and that is sat in front of me said I had 14 days to change my mind - They've told me that I can only change my mind once the product has been delivered.
  6. Thanks for that I guess I'll just see what Monday brings!
  7. Hi thanks for that, much appreciated. Is it normal to be suspended whilst still in an investigation stage even if none of their claims constitute gross misconduct as per their policies or is it just considered on a case by case basis? Thanks again
  8. Hi all I've been suspended from work on full pay, pending investigation and without prejudice however I am not sure why. The reason given and the reason in their letter is for misusing social media and breach of data protection but I'm not sure what they're referring too. I've tried twice now to find out specifics of their allegations but they're not telling me. I was suspended at 5.35pm on Friday and I've been asked to attend a investigatory interview on Monday lunch time which gives me no time to seek advice from anyone. Does my employer have to give me the specifics of the allegat
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