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  1. A friend of mine has recently bought a used car for 7500 pounds for his company from a used car dealer.


    9 days after collecting the car it broke down and has been diagnosed as having head gasket failure, the dealer took the car back and appeared as if he was going to sort it but now has given my friend a estimate of 700 pounds to repair the vehicle.


    Can anyone advise on what rights my friend has as he bought it in his company name is he high and dry or does he have some possible route for getting the dealer to sort it.



  2. Hello,


    At the end of September 2013 I sold a ford Ka and mailed the V5 to the dvla. I then left the UK in February 2014 upon finally unpacking the last boxes I have noticed that I did not receive a conformation letter from the dvla yet I have for the car I had up to leaving the UK.


    Is there anything I should do? should I contact the dvla asking?

    I do not think I have anything with the registration number on either.



  3. I don't know if you people can help much, as we are actually in Gibraltar but most of the laws down here a copy and paste from the UK.


    Long story short we moved into our current apartment in February and to be honest had nothing but problems some of which I have listed below,


    1 the shower leaked all over the bathroom floor every time it was used and the tray had a sharp crack in it, this took 6 months for them to fix. and now the drains smell so bad in the shower that we have to keep a glass over the drain hole to keep the smell down.


    2 The bathroom tap developed a leak this took 2 months to fix so we had no bathroom tap for that time.


    3 The how water tank burst and flooded the apartment downstairs, this was fixed the same day!


    4 The fridge is broken it gets no lower than 9 degrees they had someone change the thermostat which made no difference and then sent someone else who said it was fine, we pointed out on many occasions that at 9 degrees was to warm, it was only when we said we would create negative press for them that we finally got a meeting with someone higher up who said he would arrange for a temporary fridge and someone would look properly at it the next week without fail, we got the temp fridge but the old one has still not been looked at.


    5 The actual owner of the flat wants the electricity bills and water bills in his name as he uses this place as his residence despite living between Spain and the UK to avoid tax in those 2 countries.


    6 We have never seen an inventory of what is supposed to be here.


    The licence for the apartment has been signed by someone we don't know we are not able to tell who signed it.


    We asked the agents if we could be released from the lease early they said that they would check with the landlord but did not foresee a problem with it so we started to look for another property, we found another property and then checked with the agents again who confirmed that it is ok and there was not a problem so we agreed to take the other apartment.


    We told our current agents who then said to come in and they would explain the procedure, which then transcribed that they had not spoken to the landlord and we would have to pay a 250 pound admin fee and we would be liable for the rent if the property was not rented until the end of the licence despite telling us that it was not a problem when we double checked.


    Where can we go from here? by there attitude and tone to us I would not be surprised if they still have not even contacted the landlord and I wonder if I should contact the landlord myself.

  4. My friend bought a car yesterday, it also had a new mot yesterday. He likes the car but today when cleaning the car he noticed that there is a hole in the A pillar and that the sill under the drivers side is badly corroded to the point that it looks like it failed when someone tried to jack it up.


    It's a jaguar x type and was bought from a used car dealer.


    Both him and I think it should have failed an mot or at the very least had an advisory on it.


    What recourse does he have! Should it have failed its mot?



  5. Hello


    I have had an account with Fashion World which I got into difficulty with the balance is around £2600.


    The account was passed on to reliable, who agreed to accept £20 a month

    they said that the account would be looked at by their review team,

    and I would likely get the interest frozen and backdated from when the £20 started.


    After a couple of months interest was still being added

    so I sent a CCA request to get statement and interest rates from them.


    They replied in there letter outlining the agreement and stating that the interest was stopped.


    I wrote back saying that the interest had not been stopped,

    they replied saying that they had made a clerical error in saying that the interest had been stopped and that it would not be stopped.


    My problem here is I am a student now and recovering from long term physical and mental illness.

    The £20 goes nowhere near covering the interest and the debt is increasing each month.



    What would you guys suggest I do?


    someone suggest not paying until they issued a default or sold it on as then there would be no more interest added.


    Thank you.

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