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  1. Thanks for the follow-up Kiki1. I work near Housnlow so could be possible that I was in breach so was issued with a PCN - I am not trying to dispute that as it could be likely that I was issued a PCN by one of the many cameras that I know is being operated by Hounslow council. I have not changed address or any details since I have been at my current address for over 6 years so there is no question of the notice to owner being being sent to the wrong address. I am usually the person who receives the post / bills so very unlikely that this has been opened or discarded if it was put through my letter box. I see your point about the stolen post, but this has never happened before and why only post from London Borough of Hounslow. Also, do they not follow up a notice of owner with more follow-up if I did not pay within the set time, further reminders, other legal notices and also one to inform me that the debt is being passed to a collection agency - they wouldn't all go missing so I very much doubt that London Bourough have sent any communication to me. Could I ask them for copies of all communicaitons relating to the PCN to show that they haven't followed the proper steps before passing on the debt to a collection agency ?
  2. Thanks for the reply Kiki1. Unfortunately the letter from TEC doesn't give much detail about why it was refused. The standard letter just says "Under rule 23.8 of the civil procedure rule the court will detail with the application for leave to file a statutory declaration / witness statement of time without a hearing because the court does not consider the hearing at Northampton would be appropriate" The second accompanying letter from HM Courts & Tribunals Service also also says "The TEC is unable to assist with any queries you may have regarding why the application was refused. Reasons are not held on court record and the court officer is not required to give any explanation of refusal." Based on the above contents of the letter, how do I find out why the TEC documents were rejected ?
  3. I received a visit from a Bailiff on 7th Oct 2012 which was the first time I was made aware of a unpaid PCN that was apparently sent to me by London Borough of Hounslow for a offence on 13th May 2012. Before the visit by bailiff, I was not aware of the PCN as I had not receive any communication from London Borough of Hounslow so did not receive any notices, or remainders or warning that the unknown unpaid debt would be passed onto the collection agency. As soon as I received the letter from the Bailiff (I was out when they had come to visit the property), I submitted a form TE7 and TE9 to make an out of time witness statement, which I have received response today that it has been rejected. The reason has not been given on why it has been refused and I have just received the standard letter saying that I can apply for the decision to be reviewed via completion of form N244 I am very annoyed at the underhanded tactic by London Borough of Hounslow to pass on the debt to a collection agency without ever writing to me about either the PCN, or sending reminders. I have not changed address so it is not as though the communications were sent to the wrong address so this is clearly a underhanded tactic by London Borough of Hounslow to make me pay more money to them, but also have to pay any charges applied by the collections agency. Has anyone on the forum experienced any such underhanded tactic before and can advise, or know what I can do now as the TE7 and TE9 has been rejected and seems like TEC are a waste of time if they cannot even review things properly to realise that London Borough of Hounslow haven't followed the correct procedures before passing my debt to the collection agency. Any advice anyone can give is hugely appreciated Thanks
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