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  1. ...i'm shocked. They replied to my email, and, they are actually being reasonable. May be making some progress towards getting rid of this debt at last. I sent: Them (Notice the typo, was this email actually done by a human and not a robot as usual?): I replied: Here's the real shock, this email actually makes sense and they gave me a reasonable balance to pay back: I'm in shock. Considering these people have been making my life hell for so long and refusing to accept any payment below £40 per month, this is quite the turnaround!! Definitely paying a quid for the agreement though, strongly doubt i gave them my genuine work number.
  2. Thing is, I don't think I ever gave them my work phone. I work for quite a large company so i'm guessing they just googled the name and called switchboard who put them through to me. Anyway, just sent them an email, will do a letter later and i'll add it to my existing complaint regardless.
  3. Hi i've just had a voicemail from MHB the pretend bailiffs to my office phone number. I am absolutely fuming, surely they are not allowed to just contact me at work? God knows how they got my number, I'm guessing switchboard put them through. I blocked their phone number on my mobile due to the incessant texts and phonecalls and now they dare to call my office. Are they allowed to do this? I do not want to pick up the phone expecting a legitimate business call only to hear these jokers on the other end. Could potentially be embarrassing if my co-workers realize what is going on. I have already complained to the FOS and the OFT about these jokers, is it worth recording the voicemail and sending as further evidence?
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