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  1. Hi All thanks for all your advice. Ii'm considering writing to them as Scarlet suggested but I've got one more question. Because the scottcall is on my case now is that mean RLP sold my "debt" to them? what's the worst scenario which can happen now? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi All i thought this is a right place for my post:) Back in November last year I've posted about RLP letter i had for swapping the label in primark. I followed your advice of not responding and ignoring their letters, I've rcvd several letters since than some very similar to those Rcvd by Mystic lady. yesterday I rcvd the letter from the company named scotcall ]"Our clients instructed us to collect payment on the above outstanding claim as you have failed to respond to their previous correspondence. Should we not hear from you within 7 days our client may consider legal action ]against you]. a successful legal action could result in court fees and legal costs being added to the amount due plus interests. Such action could also affect your ability to obtain credit. we therefore require immediate settlement of this claim. you can repay using debit or credit card ..." I know you guys advising ignoring those letters too but i haven't heard the name of scotcall before, i've googled them a little and found out they've got no right to collect the debt and they're one of those harassing people companies, can someone please confirm that? the bit i'm worried about the most is them mentioning it can affect may ability to obtain credit, do they mean my credit score? i'm getting worried all over again and i'd really appreciate the answer Thanks a lot:oops:
  3. Hello Shakilla i'm having similar problem with RLP, what did you do in the send, sent letter or ignored them?
  4. Hi As everybody here i need some advise regarding RLP letter... few weeks ago i've been stopped in one of the shops for swapping the label on an item to cheaper one. they took my details and police came to confirm my address as i didn't have any proof of address on me. The shop security stuff handed min RLP leaflet and said i'll have to pay a small fine for their "cost" so i knew i'll have to pay some fine. but i was rather stunned when i rcvd the letter claiming £130. first i was considering contacting them and appealing from their decision as i thought it's way out of proportion ( the difference in price of the item i swapped was less than £5) but then i started reading about RLP and found your website and in a result i've ignored their 1st letter. now i've got the 2nd asking me to contact them to advise if i want to settle or defend the claim. so i'm wondering what's best to do now? contact them saying i deny liability or just leave it? and if police involvement can make any difference in my case. also i've read quite a few of the threads but haven't seen anyone saying RLP stopped sending letter to them? or is it just gonna go on and on... i'm getting really stressed everytime i even think about RLP:sad: thanks in advance for all your help
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