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  1. No the default is just for non payment under the consumer credit act that your have defaulted on the payment ! by law they have to issue such notices ! Alot of people do worry just like yourself but please understand theres very little a creditor can do , unless you stop paying the agreed amount set by the court, which is along way off . if you try again to sort out with the nationwide it sounds like they just want to take your income to the cleaners as you are just throwing money down the drain and not paying nothing off the debt as things are . i have not
  2. This post reminds me so much of COMET , and look what happend to them
  3. my opinion would be to stop paying anything off the overdraft and then they WILL start a recovery process through the courts to recover the debt, in the long run this would be the cheaper option if your not bothered about your rating which is prob as bad as mine at this time this would be the best way forward as i have stated in my above post, i certanly wouldnt worry about it , you will never be made to pay amount back you cannot afford .And would say if you dont countercalim the process would take approx 4-5 months
  4. i had a overdraft with the natwest converted to a loan , why do you say they wont do it ! they did it for me, thats why i suggesedt it ! yes they will revoke the overdraft but i would of thought that to be least of your worries. i have a shattered credit rating and they did it for me at there suggestion. If you are saying that the nationwide will not convert it to a loan then it becomes a very expensive method of borrowing money and for your own ends if its causing you financail hardship by paying it , is to stop paying it until eventually they will i
  5. I would presume that that would stand as not being worn and fully entitled to a full refund under faulty goods
  6. i would expect an exchange or a credit note if they can no longer supply you with the same product, i could imagine after having the item for a week it would be hard to prove it has not been worn on grounds for a full financail refund ! does the item still have the tag on ?
  7. can you agree with them to loan the debt , thus making it a cheaper debt and more manangeable for you and there silly outrages legal charges will stop !
  8. may i suggest you open a bank account in another bank whilst all this is taking a lot of your money ! that way you have control of your finances and not them until its sorted, otherwise they are just taking all your money and you have no control
  9. agree with gordies completely, these debts can easily be paid back month by month by an arrangement on a DMP you can afford easily going on your monthly income not your payout and prob interest free aswell . i suggest invest some in an isa , but please dont waste it on these people like you have suggested, as suggested look into claiming any unlawfull charges and ppi first to hopefully lower the debts:-D. please get in touch with a debt management company who will sort out your debts then the letters and phone calls will stop etc
  10. I think the best thing would be if you open another bank account with another bank and have your benefit paid into it so you have total control over this situation and it wont leave you short again and then you pay into the existing account what you can afford , this solving the issue.
  11. have they taken it out of the benefit before it hit the bank or when the funds hit your bank account ?
  12. I am not that well up on this post , but i wouldnt of thought that they could take payment or funds from an overdraft to pay a debt with them as in theory this is not your money, as this is causing you more debt and is bad practise or am i incorrect in saying this ?
  13. im unsure , but its clear that they hide behind the CSL image to the sofa people etc, i have written 1 letters with 14 days in regards to the contact of a 3rd party when they clearly had direct access to me as proven by the letter, this contact under the FDCPA is clearly a breach and has a valid claim for damages, regards to the BT refusal it seems to be a common problem that BT do not have the particulars for the processing fee and every one i speak to there gives me a completly differant answer
  14. I have refused to pay BT a final bill of £15.46 due to the fact that i have asked and written on many occasions since december 2011 the particulars of their processing fee which i was getting charged for paying by non direct debit , CSL (debt collectors) wrote to me on the 5th dec 2012 demanding the £15.46 , they also rang a friend (3rd party) on the 10th , 5 days after contact by post so they had direct contact with me already, has anyone else claimed for this breach by a debt collector ?
  15. sorry to interupt the posts, im new on here and can someone please tell me how to start a post thanks
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