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  1. I urgently need advice, in April 08 I made a verbal agreement with the owner of a boatyard to rent ground for my 2 containers & narrowboat we agreed a figure of 65 pounds a week, I made numerous unsuccessful attempts to gain a rent book or any form of agreement, he always deferred the matter, at no time have I signed anything I attended my container 31/10/12 to find the owner with a bailiff who had a warrant for 6,700 pounds If I don`t pay this amount by the 7 Nov , he intends to distrain my containers & narrowboat, they are going on the assumption that I still own the boat, it was sold some months ago, the new owner returns to this country on 4/11/12 I will inform him on the matter ASAP, I have checked my bank & have paid him 11,000 pounds in standing orders other payments into his various bank accounts and some payments were made by foolishly giving him cash in hand & therefore unrecorded he denies he was ever paid this way the owner is alcoholic and appeared regulary intoxicated and sometimes in a state of in continence, I have always found him intimidating. The owner has not issued me with a default notice or any type of breakdown as to how he has arrived at these totals or that he intended to hand the matter over to bailiffs he has also barred me from entering the yard without him being there, can he do that?, can they take property not belonging to me i.e. the narrowboat? can they take my containers & van?, are these exempt as they are my tools, I am sick with worry can anyone help S.O.S.
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