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  1. Well they will lose with me, I have nothing to give them and will not be bullied by them. I often wonder if the loan is even enforceable as all they have done is sell it on every year to a new company who have no luck with me.....
  2. Hey peeps thanks for your advise - I in fact did a SARs abouts 3 years ago when Lloyds were giving me hassle and after that I didn't hear from them at all. I still have all the paper work in storage so I can access that fairly easy - Lloyds really are a horrid bank to deal with but I will get on the case of claiming the charges back as I have just seen in the press another £1bn has been set aside for the PPI [problem]. I find it amazing that these companies try and get away with this
  3. Good Morning All, I am brand new here so please be gentle with me OK so basically I have started getting calls from 'crapquest' I had never even heard of them before last week. They state that they have sent me letter (I have received nothing in the post) and have told them I am not asking questions without knowing who they are, of course they say its a personal matter and I have to pass their test questions - I refused! I believe this could be for an old debt from Lloyds which was for a personal loan from around 2002 ish - I look after disabled children and earn very little mo
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