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  1. Very interesting. Let me know how you get on and I'll update here if I get anything too.
  2. Hi Anney63, No - still no reply from FOS. I spoke to them back in October last year when we got to the two year anniversary of me first raising it with them. They wrote to Barclaycard because they'd failed to provide FOS with all the detail they needed about the account and asked me to phone them a month later to find out how things were progressing. A month later [November 2014] I phoned again only for FOS to say that Barclaycard had claimed not to have received the e-mail from FOS asking for the account information so they'd sent it again and set a two week deadline for Barcla
  3. The statements are apparently from Jan, Feb, March and April 2001. I've asked them for copies of those statements and for anything else they've got prior to those dates. Once I've got them I'll be reporting Barclaycard to the Information Commissioner.
  4. It's probably just coincidence, but my average calculation was also worked out using just 4 months of data that Barclaycard had previously insisted didn't exist. I'm waiting for them to send me these statements before deciding what to do next - has anyone reported Barclaycard to the Information Commissioner for withholding data?
  5. Hi Alanalana I received a copy of their reply today and I was quite disappointed at the arrogance of it - particularly the way they finish by telling me that they won't be reviewing their decision - that this is their final decision and that they won't enter into correspondence about it. So off to FOS we go.
  6. Hi dx100uk, I wasn't sure how the interest should work. Barclaycard seem to think that: - they only need to pay interest at the 'purchase rate' (roughly 20%) for the period of time that I was paying PPI (which acording to them is Jan 96 to May 2001) - for periods after this they pay the 8% rate My view is that when I stopped paying PPI in May 2001 my account was effectively £441 higher than it should have been because I shouldn't have been paying the PPI. So I was unnecessarily paying interest at the 'purchase rate' on £441 up until the account closed. Is either one o
  7. Hi candyapple1, Oddly enough I spoke to Barclaycard on Monday (4 Feb) because I hadn't heard from them. Turns out they replied on 16 Jan although I never received it (they're sending me a copy of their reply). What they were able to tell me is that they haven't changed their mind about the amount they're prepared to pay. I've discussed it with them a bit more and they've asked me to write in on my specific points - the main ones being: - I want the charges backdated to the opening of the account - I want the purchase interest rate to be applied to the PPI premiums for the
  8. Hi everyone, To my surprise I got a cheque from Barclaycard this morning for £1058.21 - there was no breakdown of how the amount was made up and no letter in advance making an offer for me to accept. So I've spoken to Barclaycard and got some extra detail: - £414.14 is the PPI - £134.97 is the card rate of interest on the £414.14 - £509.10 is the 8% interest on the amounts above. Turns out they have 4 months of PPI data from 1 Jan 2001 to 30 April 2001 - the 4 amounts are £12.87, £12.84, £14.71 and £14.79. So in working out the £414.14 they have assumed the £12.87
  9. Thanks Maroondevo52 - useful info.
  10. Mister M

    Credit Unions

    Hi everyone, A quick question that I hope someone can answer. Everyone knows that if you use a payday loan company there are some High Street lenders who will refuse you credit when they see it on your credit file. The question is: is the same true for Credit Unions as they're often associated with people who cannot access mainstream loans/finance? Thanks everyone.
  11. I've heard that quite a few people have difficulty getting a detailed calculation from them - makes you wonder if they just pluck a number out of the air!
  12. It would be good if that happened but I'm not holding my breath - will be surprised if Barclaycard don't try to wiggle out of it...! I'll post on here again when I eventually find out.
  13. Thanks for the replies - I'll wait and see what Barclays offer (FOS tell me that it should take about 10 weeks!) and let you all know. In the meantime - to answer Ricardino's question; it took FOS about 6 months to uphold my complaint but since their original letter said it might take them a year to investigate it I was quite pleased it only took them half that time.
  14. Hi, New to this so apologies if this should be posted elsewhere. To set the scene - got a Barclaycard in 1992 and had PPI on the advice of the person in my local branch. Tuens out I could never have claimed so cancelled it in 2002. Still have the credit card so tried to claim back. SAR didn't go back far enough but CCA proved I had it. Barclaycard rejected my claim so I went to FOS. They investigated and found in my favour (hooray!) - they wrote and told me Barclaycard would put me back in the position I would have been in if I hadn't taken out the PPI. Question is - if there are no
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