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  1. Thanks for the reply. The complaint was made as the train guard suggested he should do so as he felt the inspector was rude to my son and he said he would also send a report to his supervisor. My son had the money and bought a ticket on the train. In terms of the attitude test my son gave the correct details otherwise we wouldn't have received the letter. The frustration is everyday I see people buying tickets on the train or paying at their destination station, I have done it several times this year. This is standard practice with Arrival trains, their signage says you should attempt
  2. It was addressed to him. I'm a bit concerned about that as effectively he could end up with a prosecution without his parents being aware, not sure if being 17 makes him a minor.
  3. Apologie, I have just noticed I have posted this in the Welcome forum in error and I'm not sure how to move it.
  4. My 17 year old son arrived at a train station as the train was pulling in. He did not use the ticket machine which is located juast outside the station as this would have meant he would miss the train. He intended on purchasing a ticket from the conductor on the train. When he was on the train an inspector asked to see his ticket and my son said he did not have one but was intending to purchase one on the train. The inspector then said my son had broken a law and that he would be prosecuted for doing so. He collected some information from my son and said a letter would be issu
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