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  1. im sorry, but i dont understand what you meant with your reply, could you explain it a little please? thanks a lot!
  2. I have filled it in, asking to pay £20 per month, and in the attatched letter I have said I will double the payment in January when christmas and such is over and money is a little easier to manage. Is there anything else I can do? Thanks for your replies, it means a lot.
  3. Hi, I am stressing out trying to figure out how to deal with Scott and Co for Council Tax arrears. A month or two ago they were at my door every few days trying to contact my mum. After a few weeks, my mum asked me to call them and try so sort something out. After calling the Sheriff Officer who left his card with me on his mobile. He informed me that it was my next door neighbour he was looking for and not us after all. He even came to my house to apologize in person. Now yesterday (31.10.12) at 9am a Sheriff Officer knocks on my door and hands us a Summary Warrant for unpaid Council Tax for the last 10/11 years. This is the first actual document received from them and it tells us we have 14 days to pay. My mum lost her job and it took her 6 months to get employed again, we have fallen 6 months behind on rent, gas/electricity and are in arrears to Virgin Media for house services. Add in current council tax, car insurance, home insurance, breakdown insurance and money needed to be paid to Freemans catalogue we are really short on money and struggle. I am on Jobseekers and currently searching employment to help out. I have printed out a Time to pay form as i seen on this forum. After filling it in I have also printed the following letter and will add it in with the Time To Pay form. I really could use some advice before sending it away as I struggle to sleep at night with worry they will get permission to enter our home and take our property. Thanks a lot. I am writing in reply to the Summary Warrant delivered on 31/10/12 I am writing to ask if it would be possable to start up repayments at a rate of £20.00 a month until January 2013? In January I will be able to double the payment and pay £40.00 a month. I lost my job for 6 months and have found myself in 6 months arrears with my rent and gas / electricity. I am also struggling to pay my car insurance whic h is vital as I need my car for work. I am asking to reduce payment until January as my youngest son's birthday is the 16th December, my grand-daughter's birthday is the 1st December, then i have Christmas. I look forward to your reply,and will be able to make a payment on the 9th November and every 4 weeks from then.
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