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  1. Thank you for your replies, I appreciate the advice. -MoV.
  2. Hi KVF, I haven't mislead or mis-described the vehicle in the description as the buyer is saying so. I had put 'I've owned the car for more than a year and have encountered no problems', which is true. From his point of view, he thinks I knew about all the problems and listed it as it having no problems at all. I have been in touch with a friend who studies law at Oxford University and has advised me that he doesn't have a case here. I wanted to have the opinion of others and ensure I'll be OK if the buyer decides to make a claim, as he has 'given me 14 days' to change my mind before
  3. Hello everyone. I'm having an issue regarding the sale of my vehicle a few weeks ago on eBay. The buyer had purchased the vehicle through 'Buy it now' and did so without prior contacting me or coming to view the vehicle first. Having arranged a date for collection, the buyer had a quick walk around the car, I started the engine and then he decided he's happy with the vehicle. The issue I am having now is, the buyer filled out the V5 information and signed (another issue here but I will move on to that), paid in cash and then drove the vehicle home. The next day I received a message
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