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  1. They are so sneaky. There was nothing on the car the evening before and then they have told me that they took it at 6.30 in the morning!!!!!!!!
  2. Thank you sailorsam will take a look at that Hi tomtubby my car is only a little seat ibiza 2005 so not sure how much it is worth but to me worth a lot am really struggling without it. My mum bought it for me about two years ago for about £3000 as she has recently had a double hip replacement and it would mean I could get over to help her which is about an hour drive. Am now unable to go as by public transport it would take at least 3 hours and with two little kids impossible. Unfortunately she bought it right out. Updated my dvla records as soon as I got a permanent address which was ove
  3. Ok have already done that I think through the T7 T9 it just sucks that there is nothing else I can do and that councils and bailiffs are getting away with what is basically legalized theft. As both of them could have got in contact with me at anytime.
  4. Ok thanks new to this so wasn't sure where to post. Have filed TE7 and TE9 both council and bailiffs have copies of this neither will release my car. The council have said that when a ticket is issued all paperwork is sent to the address that is on the car registration the day of the offence and at no time check if you have moved and are actually receiving the notices.
  5. That's what I thought was given no warning at all. Not even a chance to take personal belongings out of the car! Have spoken to the council and the bailiffs and they are both saying that it is in the others hands. Neither will release the car until the outcome of the TE7/TE9 which I have found out is up to the council/bailiffs that took my car so not holding out too much hope they are both working together. All they seem to want is money. Had advice from citizens advice and they said about trying to get it set aside. Went to the county court to file the papers but they weren't sure what forms
  6. This may be long but would be greatful of any help. Last Tuesday came out of my house to find my car gone it was parked on the road. Called the police to report it and was told Newlyn bailiffs had taken it and advised to call them. When I called them I was told that Southwark council had authorized them to seize the car due to an unpaid pcn. The ticket was issued on 23/2/12 the day I gave birth to my son !!!! Had stopped on school lines due to contractions (a friend was driving). Newlyn wanted £865.84 to release my car. Never received the notices as moved out of property the car was registered
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