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  1. As far as I know there are only the minutes of the meetings which I should receive in the post tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what they say considering none of the meetings took place. There is certainly no formal letter trail which you would sensibly expect.
  2. Thanks Becky, thats great I shall do that. I appreciate your help.
  3. Sadly not The guy they took on to replace me quit after a couple of months because he felt hounded out by the wife but as he wasn't actually there the same time as me and because I never met him I can't really ask him to be a witness. Nobody else from the company will speak on my behalf because their lives will be made hell by said wife
  4. No, there was nothing like that there. There wasn't even a company handbook, we had no contracts, nothing was ever written down. All a bit of a shambles really.
  5. I was there for two and a half years and the only reason I was dismissed was because the bosses wife took a dislike to me. I've got a tribunal hearing scheduled for next month. I've seen a copy of his ET3 form and he's fabricated a whole load of lies about me. When I had appraisals they were only ever verbal, there was never anything written down so actually no proof they ever took place at all. He is now saying that the appraisals flagged up my poor performance which is untrue and I'm just waiting for him to send me a copy of the minutes which were supposedly written at the time of the a
  6. Am I correct in thinking that a company has to get you to fill in a pre-appraisal form before the actual appraisal? At my old company we never did pre-appraisals. And after an appraisal do we have to sign the notes/minutes of the meeting to say we agree with what has been said? Should these notes/minutes be placed in the personnel file? The reason I ask is I was unfairly dismissed and my ex-employer is saying my appraisals flagged up my poor performance when in actual fact they were all really positive. I never did any pre-appraisals, never signed anything after my appraisals a
  7. Good morning everyone. I have a tribunal scheduled for the end of April to hear my unfair dismissal case. My ex-employer is saying that over the last couple of years we had several meetings discussing my poor performance which is untrue. When it came time for us to disclose our list of documents he applied for a 5 day extension which he received. I believe he wanted the extension so that he could fabricate the minutes of the meetings. I've heard about metadata and wonder if there is a way I can prove that all the minutes were produced at the same time. Any advice would be really apprecia
  8. Yes, I've been there for two and a half years but never had a contract or even anything written down after appraisals. There also isn't a company handbook or policies & procedures or anything like that.
  9. I have requested that he send me a written statement explaining all the reasons for my dismissal. So far I have nothing in writing but it was witnessed by the rest of the team so luckily he can't say I just didn't turn up. I will definitely be making an unfair dismissal claim. I'm interested to see his reasons because there was nothing I did wrong, all my appraisals have been very positive, in fact the only reason they got rid of me was because his wife took a dislike to me after I complained a member of their family who was on my team wasn't pulling his weight.
  10. Thankyou everyone for taking the time to reply to my question, I really appreciate it. Before I even got a chance to make any decision on what to do about my demotion my boss sacked me on Friday. He gave me no reason and it was 100% unjustified and illegal. I will now have to take the matter to tribunal. I am going to contact ACAS and also the CAB to find out my next step. Its so unfair when people with money think they have the right to walk all over people and treat them so badly
  11. I've worked as a manager in a company for about two and a half years now and yesterday I was told they were bringing in someone else to do my job, my position is staying more or less the same as it is but without the managerial side and that my salary is being cut by around £2000pa. This is from immediate effect and I had no prior knowledge that this was about to happen. At my last appraisal a couple of months ago I was given no indication that they were unhappy with my performance and today I discovered that my job has been advertised since last week. Whilst I'm not completely gutted that I'l
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