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  1. Hello ! Travel company Clear Sky Holidays increased their price by £25pp. According to them i was too late to make a booking (deadline was 26/10/2012). I did it online on 25/10. I know that according to their form I was not giving them the exact details, but fine print says: "Booking required via Clear Sky Holidays at "web site mentioned which I can`t post according to this forum rules" or by phone: 0844 493 4655." So that means I completed my first step. After a while I received an email: Hi Tom, Thanks for the interest in the offer that we were advertising. If you can con
  2. Could you guys at least tell me what I am actually facing and is there any way somehow to make things a tiny bit better ?
  3. Hello ! I`m a 23 years old full-time student in London. I own a motorbike for nearly a year now. Had no problems, but recently my previous landlord contacted that I have still incoming mail. That was two statutory declarations (issued on 9th of October) from Islington council for driving on a bus lanes. Penalties were issued on 04/23 and 04/26 in exact same spot on my daily run to my work. They require me to pay in total £404. Even if I had a money to pay I am too late, because I had 21 days to do that. They are threatening me in a letter that i might be fined or jailed up to 2 years, o
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