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  1. What's a CCA? And what costs would I be claiming and how?
  2. I'm hoping to fight it. I can't afford to go bankrupt - too much to loose. I had issues going back to 2002 when the finance was taken out and after 4 years the finance company did nothing so I stopped paying when I felt I'd paid more than enough and wrote to them to tell them why I'd stopped paying. Now 6 years on it's being pursued. The hearing is on the 4th December so I don't think there's the time to request any information. I've emailed (and filed a copy with the court) to the firm handling the petition 14 days ago stating it was statute barred and that they should provide proof
  3. Hi I have been reading various threads on this forum with interest but need to know if anyone can clarify dates for me with regards to the limitations act and statute barred debts. I know if a County Court Claim is issued within 6 years then it is valid. However the creditor (Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd) has jumped straight to a Bankruptcy Petition. My last payment for the debt was in July or August of 2006 and since then I have not paid towards or admitted the debt. In June 2012 a Statutory Notice was served on me personally, though I was asked for no id and no signature. I d
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