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  1. It was mentioned he wasn't sure if it had a dual mass flywheel but that was as far as it went when I dropped it off - it was then returned to me with the new clutch and MOT so I obviously expected the clutch to be good for another 80k ish. When the vibration started I thought it was a UJ on the driveshaft as changed one of those a year or so ago so it made sense that the one at the other end of the shaft would fail. But it was the flywheel. I just would have expected it, since the gearbox was removed at the time, to have replaced the flywheel at the same time if 80-90k miles is their typica
  2. Hi, need some advice. My vehicle had it's clutch replaced for the first time one year ago after probably about 85k miles at the same time it was MOT'd. In the last week vibration had started and a noise when the clutch was depressed. Took it back to the garage and they said it sounded like the flywheel. They've now taken it apart and the flywheel is down to it's mounting bolts apparently and so needs replacing, but with the 'bits' whirling around damage has been caused to the new clutch causing 'adnormal' wear. The MOT expires on 5th March so the clutch was replaced within the las
  3. Consumer Credit Act 1974 (the Act) Complaint Against: Lowell Portfolia I Ltd Licence No: 544015 Thank you for your email received on 11 December 2012. I can confirm that the business you mention holds a consumer credit licence. Under the Consumer Credit Act, holders of consumer credit licences must be fit and competent to do so and the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has a duty to monitor the fitness and conduct of all traders who hold such a licence. The OFT has issued guidance to consumer credit licence holders engaged in the debt collection industry. The
  4. Can you rephrase that please - not sure what you mean. I have reported the letter to the OFT but should I advise the court of the letter or simply await the next hearing when they may then produce something...
  5. Yes it does I believe, however they have said '...to hold any further action on your account until the requested documents have been provided' - now 'action' is in my mind ongoing since I have a bankruptcy petition against me for which the next hearing is January, so should they withdraw the petition in order to hold further action?
  6. Any suggestion what this might mean? Petition hearing was adjourned until the first date after 4th January but this letter is dated the same date as the hearing...
  7. Ok an update. Was in court and their rep came to see me before we went in, referred to my communication back in October that the debt was Statute Barred and wanted to request a 56 day adjournment so they could access the information from the original creditor. The judge certainly paid attention to the fact that no information had been provided in almost two months, and confirmed that a statute defence was worthy, and that I shouldn't be subjected to this sort of action, however because I hadn't replied to the original Statutory Demand, he was minded to allow the petitioner time t
  8. If they still have it I will be happy to have it back, but one doesn't expect to have to check up on the work done by a garage and so I didn't look at the time. I have a six monthly diary note to check the filter and this is when I saw it wasn't there any longer
  9. That's what I think is likely, a junior or apprentice was given the task, but given that these type of filters have been around for a long time and are clearly marked then I feel either the garage has failed to drum into their staff that they need to check or the person changing it didn't pay attention at the time.
  10. It's a lifetime replacement for the paper one so it would naturally be in the filter box.
  11. K&N filters aren't a new to the market item that motor engineers wouldn't be aware of, they have been around a LONG time and I wouldn't have expected it to be changed unless they had checked with me first - they are designed to be cleaned not thrown away and replaced with paper ones. It's not paper, it's a lifetime replacement for the paper one, clearly marked as being K&N - I wouldn't expect it to be removed.
  12. I would guess that with the number of air filters manufacturers fit to vehicles, the extra cost would soon add up, not to mention the manufacturer makes a profit on every filter it sells whereas fit a third party manufacturers filter and it is the third party making the profit. Likewise why do they make a 2 litre, 2.5 and 3 litre diesel engine for the same vehicle - why not just make the 3 litre - after all it is more fuel efficient because it it ticking over to do the same work the 2 litre has to work hard to do. And why on the 2.5 litre engine do they choose to give three power opt
  13. Hi I had my vehicle serviced by a garage. It is, or was fitted with a K&N air filter - which is a lifetime filter which just needs to be cleaned. It's supposed to give increased performance & mpg. I checked it today and found it to be replaced by a throw away filter so I have a £48 filter missing and was no doubt charged for the inferior part they replaced it with. K&N filters have been around for along time and are clearly marked up, so I assume a young inexperienced mechanic/trainee was doing the service and hadn't been told to look out for them. I've email
  14. I've had this happen twice. New tyres fitted all round to a van and the next day there was an odd noise, I looked in the mirrors, the wheel didn't look right as as I pulled into a layby the wheel dropped off and there was a row of nuts up the road behind me. Problem is the invoice, not that anyone reads it, does say that you should check your nuts after 20 miles. Whether they correctly did them up and torque set them I don't know and I think it would be difficult to prove. Last time it happened I didn't even have an invoice as hadn't been charged - had a slow puncture, or so I thought
  15. My understanding is that they cannot enforce whilst they are in default of supplying a copy of the original contract, so writing to Lowell's seems the best option. If they fail to produce then BW Legal can't enforce.
  16. Just to clarify, Blackhorse Finance are the original creditors, they sold it to Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd whom are using BW Legal to handle the petition. So the request is sent to Lowell?
  17. Lowells own the debt, but BW Legal are handling it - who should I send the request to?
  18. Ok, so then I should leave it a little later so they have a clear 14 days but nothing extra prior to the hearing to produce this at which point that my defence along with being statute barred, or since I and they have to file any documents with the court and the other party 7 days prior to the hearing should I issue this request 14 days prior to that, i.e. in about a weeks time?
  19. How would a CCA request stop any worried re statute barred? Or is it simply the hope they can't produce it in time? The court date is 4th December so a little time but not the 40 days for the other info. I have letters from the original creditor dated over 6 years ago showing the account in arrears when I ceased paying.
  20. Even if he had paid via PayPal - motors as I understand are outside of buyer protection. I know because I was I felt mislead on the description of a vehicle (used daily but having problems starting with full service history - I found out later that it was used daily and serviced regularly until over a year earlier when the starting issue happened, and then it had been parked in a field since and left so it had more than the starting issue, it was rather holey in the sills). Reread your advertisement and ensure you've described it accurately, if so, I would do nothing further.
  21. I think bailiffs act quite quickly. I had an unpaid pcn a few years ago and unbeknown to be, they came out the night before and stuck a notice on the windscreen when it was parked on the drive, which being in the house I didn't see, then the following morning because I hadn't got in touch with them they came again (another fee) and put a clamp on it.
  22. I have made no requests for info other than a letter to the legal people handling the petition asking them to provide proof that payment or acknowledgement was made in the last 6 years. The copy I have is the original from 2002.
  23. I already have a copy of the agreement, or is this simply a £1 gamble to see whether they can produce it or not within the timeframe?
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