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  1. Thanks everyone, I know they are doing another pay run this month, hope it will be in that, otherwise looks like it will be 1st Jan (was paid monthly on the 1st). We thought it would be dealt with separately and done as quickly as possible, 3 weeks just seems like a long time at the moment with Christmas coming and waiting for benefits to be sorted out.
  2. Thanks for that, that's what we thought. Was hoping it would have gone in on 1st Dec but it didn't, HR not being very helpful at all. Oh well, not the merry christmas we anticipated.
  3. How long after signing a compromise agreement (husband has had a copy of it sent back three weeks ago) before the money is paid into his account?
  4. I am no longer with Payplan or any dmp. Payplan said it would be better to deal with the debts myself if I didn't want to go down the bankruptcy route (which I don't). I have another credit card (£1900 owing ... am making just over the minimum payment each month .. . this doesn't show as a default on my credit report anymore but they have started adding the interest again the last few months). I also have a loan with Northern Rock (in joint names with an ex partner), it was linked to a previous mortgage. I was very stupid for taking it out as it is over a very long perio
  5. Wow! That was fast ... thanks very much. I only have statements from 2006. As far as I am aware no interest has been added since Payplan intervened. Marlin contact me every 3 months and I usually up the payment a little (currently paying £180 pm). I have no income whatsoever, am married but not financially linked to my husband, but obviously the money to pay the debt is coming out of his salary. Can I just ring them and ask for the original credit agreement? Or would it be better to put it in writing? Thanks again for the help.
  6. I have just discovered that I have been paying PPI on a Yorkshire Bank credit card that I took out in October 1997. At the time I was working full time and was entitled to sick pay of 6 months at full pay and then 6 months half pay. In 2007 I fell upon hard times and ended up having to seek help from Payplan (owed £7000 on the card). The account was passed on to a solicitors and I made the agreed payments. In November 2009 the account was assigned to Marlin Europe I Limited and I continued making the agreed payments to Payplan until August 2010 when, because my fi
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